Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moment of Magic at NZ Natural

Throughout my entire shopping experience in Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya, the best customer service experience I encountered was at New Zealand Natural ice cream booth.

My sister wanted to get her favourite Durian Flo (RM16.90) but the sales girl was so good that she recommended the promotion so well that my sister bought a BIG TUB of low fat chocolate chip ice cream + free small tub of Durian flo = only Rm46.90

I admire the training given to the sales staff.
1. Greetings give to us when we were miles away
2. Friendly, approachable personality sales staff that made us comfortable
3. Clear explaination on the products/promotion
4. Recommendations / alternatives given to customer to their BEST convenience.
-- we paid and she (I recognized and remembered her name... Ally is the one) told us we could come back by providing the receipt to them --
-- since we wanted to go Jusco Bandar Perda --
5. Recognizes their customers
- from many miles away, the sales staff spotted my sister returning and immediately provided her the 2 packs of ice cream with dried ice inside
- no worries with melted ice cream even if i got stuck on the bridge jam for 40 mins -

For such good review.. i Hope I would get free ice cream from NZ Natural some day.
=== i must be dreaming, there is no such contest ====

this is durian flo :P


Simply Simply said...

There's NZ Natural in Queensbay too, right?

VampireM said...

the NZ Natural in QBM does not participate in quite a lot of my credit card's promotion lei...

i think it's owned by a different person/company...

yileen said...

Next time you go Sunway let me know! I live 10 mins walking distance from there. Haha.

meiyi said...

simply: qbm does not have durian flo. they dont have the capabilities (ie. the machine)

vampireM: yes, they are separate and their shakes sux.

yileen: sunway carnival?? r u a prai-girl? i hope to go there soon if im given assignments there.

yileen said...

Yuppersss! I'm there! If youre heading towards the bridge from Sunway Carnival...give a loud honk and I'd prolly hear you. LOL.