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2-in-1 Deal

I think I managed to lose about 2lbs after everything..

1. Penang bridge fun run (note: 10km only, not 40km full marathon)- made me lighter and fitter
2. 2-days of Daniel fast - skin became smoother and fairer and fresher..

I think I will continue with Daniel's diet... though the spiritual part is not accomplished, yet I felt that the physical part was accomplished. Perhaps, I'll work a little harder next week.

Ended the fast

I ended the fast with lunch in the canteen. Had 2 types of vege with rice and cuppa thick milo.
I had mushroom/chicken soup for late break and had vege/pork/egg for dinner after another shopping spree. :)

A tiring day

Even after potatoes, bananas, tomatoes for dinner.. I still feel very empty in my stomach.
I shall see if i could end the fast at 12pm or 6pm tomorrow.

I jogged in the evening.

I felt that my face is thinner and there is juz so much blood moving up n down around my face, fingers and feet. Really weird feeling.

It's just 2 days...

and I think i'll just stop here..

I doubt I can go on with the partial fast. Surviving with just tomoatoes, carrots, ladies fingers, oranges, pears, potatoes and brown rice cereal didn't work too long for me.. but I felt that my tummy was working well with the new diet I had.
I will breakfast tomorrow. :(

In the morning, I just felt so cold and my nails were blackish purple!!

I learnt a lot from reading the benefits of fasting:
1. Strengthen the relationship with God
2. For prayer requests
3. For spiritual breakthrough
3. and even for health purposes - Daniel Fast could help for recovering and restoring health.

from elsewhere.... (which is so true for myself)
Fasted when under chastening
Fasted when under judgment
Fasted to seek God's will
Fasted for victory over the enemy
Fasted for deliverance
Fasted for purity before the Lord
Fasted as part of sorrow for sin

17 Biblical Reasons To Fast
To worship, love and glorify God (Luke 2:37; Zechariah 7:5; Isaiah 58:2)
To intensify the effectiveness …

How to Do a Daniel Fast

Steps [edit]
A few days before you start the fast, make your meals lighter.
Eat less meat.
Set a date and time for when the fast will start and when it will end.
When the time comes, start off with prayer and don't make a selfish prayer. Make sure to include someone else in your prayers, and it does not matter what you pray for, as long as you direct your prayers to God the Father.
Pray often, maybe at least five times more than you normally do.
Pray in the Mighty name of Jesus.

Tips [edit]
The fast can last as long as you want. (Unless God has called you to fast, then you should fast as long as He wants.)
Do not eat meat or consume alcohol during this fast.
Stay away from sugars, sodas, cake, ice cream and other products with sugar. Honey is good, but make sure it is pure natural honey.
Make your meals vegetables, salads, fruit and water.
Drink at least 6 glasses of water each day, more when you are experiencing weakness or headaches. Often, we do n…

I made it.....!!

Yippies. I Conquered Penang bridge!!!!!
Hahaha (sadly, it's just half of it)

It's my first time participating this yearly event, reason for joining this year is because they introduced fun run which is only a quarter marathon (10km). It's almost the same as starwalk beside the fact now I could run and jog or even walk at my own pace.

We assembled at RECSAM and I tell you... the crowd was horrible.
Lotsa junior runners (school teenagers) for the quarter marathon (competition).
They were already hogging the entrance of RECSAM and I got so pissed and shouted them to make way for people to get themselves registered.

As we about to begin at the starting line, there was pushing again. A lady was so mad that she shouted, "stop pushing, it's just a F*cking fun ruN". Gee... some were competition runners that she may not know.

We jogged and walked and overtook some jay walkers... and there were still plentiful of crowd. Far worst than star walk. The crowd is like white ants!!…

Moments and Time

While worshipping GOD in a foreign land, I managed to grab some important points from the sermon from Brian Houston of Hillsongs church, Sydney.

Passage can be found in Ecclesiastes 3 (*see below)
The verse speaks that there is a season for everything. Seasons mean it will come to past, just like summer and winter.....

Few points:

1. Moments fulfil opportunity - we should learn to grab every opportunity that we have, as opportunity may not come twice.
2. Moments don't last - even if it's happy or sad moments, it will go away
3. Take the moments - don't miss the moments, and treasure it.
4. Moments leave us with a story to tell - from our experience, we would be able to be a living testimony to others.
5. Moments can determine your destiny/future - it's either we made the right or wrong choice.
6. Moments to make decision - it can be when we decided to pick up the cross to follow Jesus or having a new relationsion with Jesus.
7. Moments are under heaven.
- He reminded us to number…

Travelling around the Kampung Area

Again, last night, I dreamt myself traveling around a desserted place with a simple map.
After traveling a while, i could see a huge building, something like a university/college (just like the same feeling when I went to Cyberjaya back in 1998/1999).

It was as if I was on a vacation, and I was staying at those flat-convert hotels.
The moment I reach the staircase, I'd be able to see the matress in the room.

I lost direction and asked for help to continue driving.

I can't remember when was it when I dreamt about myself taking the train to the nearest Shopping mall, and at the same time boarding the plane from a long building (like KL tower)

Great Singapore Sale - Must GO

Although it was just merely 4 days, I've spent about RM1k for food and accomodation and shopping. Last year, if I'm not mistaken, we stayed for only 3 days and all in all, I spent much lesser, probably around Rm400. The price for my accomodation was doubled since we picked Bugis area instead of Geylang. Same goes for bus ride, for the extra comfort for snoozer seat, I'd to pay some additional $$.

Of all places, I still enjoyed shopping around Bugis, Orchard and Vivocity.
Shopping is never enough. Sight seeing - mostly man made places.

The day when we arrived singapore was Wesak there. There were already tonnes of people walking around praying with joss sticks and offerings. Some were at the indian temple with the priests.

I love Bugis Junction... I realised that Singapore loves water fountains = $$?

Singapore discovery centre - nothing much to DISCOVER!!! SAME story as Malaysia!!!While waiting for the Stupid merlion show..... i see ultraviolet.At Merlion's head in Sentosa..…

Unplugging nightmare

I have not been watching horror movies but so happened that my bro switched the tv to channel 30 (wah lai toi) for this movie..

It isn't the scariest movie of all, but it makes me waiting for the truth/plot of the whole story and mystery. Then when the truth is finally there.. i understood. :)

THe story speaks clearly about her childhood, with her dad having an affair with the maid. Her furious mom fought with the dad and killed the dad. It stirred up the mistress' anger and then killed the mom and following with killing herself.

It just speaks about how destructive it can be when relationships are not in good tune. A woman's fury is pretty scary, and she can do almost anything.
And, that also speaks that when the foundation of the relationship is not solid, lonely men didn't want to be lonely and ended up seeking outside relationships as they do not know how to solve their own problem.

Gua Tempurung - Finally

The trip in gua tempurung was rather Good. Suprising, most of us were pretty early.
Even with the turn out of 30 ppl, most of them were punctual/early.
In fact, I was sort of a few minutes late.

The journey to Gua tempurung was smooth and praise God that there weren't any rain.
We were there early that we started our journey at about 10.15pm.
We went through the River adventure, with our torch all turned on, we ducked our heads along and there was a part where we did commando crawl..... and that explained my arm aches!
I must have not been exercising for a long time! Buck up, W-O-M-A-N!

We also did some slides and jumping and I think it was quite fuN!

Those group of working ppl are naturally very sporting and quick. They were also very punctual and have great sense of time. To my surprise, we reached home pretty early. Almost about 6pm.!!!

The top of the world adventure is just climbing the stairs, admiring how high the-inside cave was. If i'm not mistaken, it was 1000 over steps …

My prince charming

It has been a long while since I last list down the criterias of a guy I want. Perhaps, if there is any guys which come around, I should really make a check list and see if they fit into ALL my criterias:

1. A God-fearing christian
2. A christian who loves God more than me (Counsellor told me that this is very important)
3. Service for God (in church or other community)
4. Rich guy with stable career (Although $$ can't solve all the problem, but $$ can solve some of the problem)
5. Musically inclined (come on.. at least a guitar)
6. Able to swim, preferably someone who is a life saver before (come on, if i'm drowning, u can't save me?)
7. Able to carry me (fine, my weight may grow... but least can carry up to 55kg?? - in case i keep growing horizontally)
8. Able to ride a bike
9. Drives at least a Honda or Toyota (ok.. i'm getting too much)
10. Able to lavish and spoil me with gifts
11. Who loves McD French fries, Baskin Robbins.. the food oulets that I hang out
12. Enjoys reading…

Penang Bridge Here I CoMe!

Today is my first day training up my stamina for the run which is in 10 days' time.

I'm not too sure if I'd die or if I'd have the stamina to go on, but I hope my 1 week intensive training would actually help.

I did 12 rounds (4o mins) around the small little playground while looking at women line dancing. My concentration was only on the number of rounds I was doing and was not exactly sensitive to the surroundings. I didn't even had time to see if there is any good looking guys around!

Even now, I'm feeling very exhausted.
I'll work harder on Friday. I would need to achieve at least 20 rounds which make up approximately 1.5 hours of run. I hope I could achieve 10km within 1.5 hours time frame.
I'm targetting low first.... of course, i hope for miracles to happen.

Gua Tempurung Trip

I'm supposed to go for Gua Tempurung trip this Saturday but before I even go there, I've dreamt about it two nights ago.

It started off with a big group going there, having a very long queue with the turnstiles.
Since we pre-booked the time slot, we were given the priviledge to cut the long queue.
The moment I enter into the cave, I was at the edge trying to test out the river/water. As I put my feet into the waters, somebody grabbed my feet and I was practically held and pushed floating above the waters. The time taken was really short. By the time I completed, I realised that I was at the end of the cave. Some of the visitors have completed their tour as well. I was like.. huh.. I haven't even seen the stagletites and staglemites!!! How about enjoying the view?
There were brochures/pamphlets at further up of the journey.

Then, seems like there was a stop by at a weird shop with lots of customers.

Last night, I think I dreamt about myself going to a Live Show. However, I can…

Singapore Trip

It's weird that I dreamt about a singapore trip I had with my mom and sister.
A different version from the real one.

I was walking around a big shopping mall with my mom that she couldn't get anything for herself. Somewhat... my sister came into picture that she needed to check out something. Thus, I waited for her at a dark area. More like a temple area in an old setting.
It was filled with smoke emitted from the joss sticks. It was as if there was a possession going on.

She didn't turn up. I walked up and down searching hi and lo.
I went home by myself, rather late.
And she was already back. Gee.. I blamed her for not coming back.

When things get tougher

I can't believe that even after a tough time I had last weekend, I'm able to be back at work, doing my usual routine report.

It's so difficult for me to digest what had happened, but I know very well that God is by my side to protect me.

There is nobody to blame but to blame our enemy, the D-E-V-I-L.

Praise God.

Tired after last night's dreams

Right now, I still remember my dreams vividly.
My friend had to drop off her bf to get his car (usually, in real life, she drops him off to the bus stop) back to KL. Upon dropping him, I had to attend for Children's church planning meeting. We were then asked to trace some pictures quickly.
One of the object lessons had to do with real poodle puppy. I had to splash water at the puppy till it's real wet and let it get all dried up again.
I was a bit worried brining the poodle back as I have no experience taking care of a pet.
I even had intentions to get a friend to help to take care of it.
It's quite cute as I could carry him like a baby and when it bites my fingers, it just don't hurt.