Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday Movie Day - Mamma Mia

Finally, after being a nuffnanger for 3 months, I was invited for a free movie at GSC Gurney.
Thanks, nuffnang. Again and again.
Free movie for 3. Thanks. :D

The blogger community was exceptionally quiet compared to the usual cinema crowd.
Perhaps, maybe, they only TALK in their blog.
I dont' know.
Even as we were watching a few minutes of the silent movie, there were not a single 'hoo-ing' or banana-throwing at the screens.

I was looking hard to see if I know anyone.
I guess it's just 5xmom with her anti-ISA tshirt.

Hm.. Somewhat, after watching the movie, I felt that it was just morally so wrong.
Am I too rational?

1. How can one has 3 fathers? Shouldn't they do a DNA check first?
2. Does that mean it's alright sleeping with 3 men one after another and get pregnant and raise the child in an island?
3. It seemed ok for the daughter to just call off the wedding.
4. And, the pastor actually solemnized their wedding just like that? They don't even need to attend pre-marital couselling.

How I wish relationships is this SIMPLE!
Can I get my home church pastor to buy off this idea? (of course.. NOT!!!!!)


Karen said...

hmm.. who is the third person? Should be the camera person hor..

The whole cinema booked for nuffnangers ar? Cinema so bright one meh? Not 'arm arm' one ar? haha.. so 'suah par' hor.

mei yi said...

3rd person .. yes.. the camera woman = my sister la!!!!!

belum start yet, so very bright lo!

wenzi said...

ooo isee so thats u eh ^_^ sit beside DIESE one oo nice too meet u :D

mei yi said...

Huh? I sat beside my friend le..

Shirokishi said...

I'm confused... so the person in the photo is your best friend, sister or 5xmom? :P

RedCrabby said...

Hi, first time visit your blog... so informative.. will visit more often :)

mei yi said...

shirokishi: obviously it's my FRIEND la....
redcrabby: how did u come about my blog?
wenzi: i still don't know who diese is...!!

KNNBCCB said...

Mama mia.... reminds me of Abba's song....

DiEsE said...

I see me!! we are on the same row..
The girl with camera attached to her hand... XD

mei yi said...

diese: oOo. tat's YOU!.
The one in green!

that's what my friend (in black) told me.. she's good in recognizing ppl from different angle!

sorry.. i really have difficulties recognizing you based on your blog i c... post the mamma mia pics in ur blog ya?

Josie Lim said...

Nice pics...

Movie seems to have lack of moral values? haha...mayb we need to leave our brains @ home and just watch thos movies.. muahahaha..

is it worth to watch the movie in cinema / buy pirated vcd??

mei yi said...

friend. y u so funny one?
ask me this kind of 'legal' question.
i think you should just wait for the musical to be in malaysia.
i think should be end of the year.

DiEsE said...

hahah.. dun worry laa...
i've problems recognizing bloggers in real life too.. hahaha... XD

Vanity FLing said...

Hey i see moi inside ur pics..!!