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Taiping Food

My first stop was for Popiah. I find it so-so. Something like the ones we can find in Penang. Lunch was at the foodcourt beside The Store (with McD). It was soya cincau. Free Ban chang kueh from a church member Laksa Curry Mee CHar kuey teow only Rm2.20! Char siu Fan. Iced Chendol outside..

Gym Freak gone climbing @Taiping Lake Gardens

Very nice branches... seems like it's possible to go for a climb.. help me..!! Can pose... but a little bit more to go.. YIppiess.. finally walked across. They will be on postcards. It should be the best view here.

I made it!!!

Another "I made it" blog entry... I got myself a free big mac!! I need to try another one!

Happy Teacher's day

I wish I'm a Teacher at school. so that i get appreciation from my students. my mom never failed to receive 'small' gifts from her students.

I made it!!

It has been the 4th day trying... after going at 9.8km/h consistently (with 10.5km/h the first and last few minutes).. i managed to achieve 14.25s for 2.4km!! Hooray. Yes. I'm taking a break. Celebration of victory!

McD commercials....

Various stuff about mcD Big Mac.. i hope this guy wins the RM10k... for that nuffnang contest. Wow... this chant exist since then!! McDonalds Big Mac TV Commercial UK 1980's Even chinese..

Big Mac Chant challenge

Check out McD webpage. I got the 3 coupons from my colleague. I'm going to go for the challenge tomorrow. WIsh me LUCK.. Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun! If kenny sia can do it, so can i!

New style of Weight Exercise

I learnt a lot from this . Find it really, extremely useful. Yesterday, i did a new method for obliques (side waist) which is One Arm Straight Leg deadlift . I took the 5kg and started working on it and today, i really felt the pain on my oblique (near my pelvic bone part) and my hamstring. Good workout! And not forgetting incline cruches .

Unit SI for Cholestrol

A colleague was asking what was the measurements for Cholestrol. Got the information from the website: Cholestrol is some waxy stuff, i think perhaps, it could look like oil in our blood stream. Cholesterol and triglyceride levels are measured in millimols/litre (mmol/L) or milligrams/decilitre (mg/dL).

Gym Freak Goes CG Visiting

I've been visiting several fitness clubs in Penang. And last night, i went on CG visiting. It gave me the same feeling of gym visiting. I was trying to see the similarities and the differences, and trying to make the comparison of which is better. What's more important is, choose the one that suits my needs the best.

Mother's Day Lunch at Kampachi, Equatorial Hotel Penang

It was supposed to be a mother's day lunch last week, but it was postphoned to this week. Sadly, we all have to fork out extra Rm4 each since it's a price increase. It's RM62++ now. Kampachi really know how to make business. The place was still packed mainly with Japanese. Moreover, it's a Mother's Day weekend. Tomorrow, the price is even more SCARY. My first course. 1. Chawan Mushi 2. Appetizer - pickles and squids 3. Spread of Sashimi (salmon, tuna, octupus, some white fish) 4. Sushi (unagi, ebiko, salmon, mixed veg) and egg roll Second dish: 1. More Sashimi - Yes, more salmon, because it's the BEST SALMON sold in PENANG. 2. More sushi (taufu, green ebiko) Third Dish: 1. Tempura (Fish, Prawn, brinjal, squid and spring roll) with lotsa raddish on the sauce With this stupid dish, i FELT so full Fourth Dish: My fav doramon food, Dorayaki with the Kampachi word on it. It has peanut butter and Red bean. 5th dish: Jelly....... with peaches in it. 6th Dish: Cake

My beloved WON award

I blogged about my fav advertisment . That commercial WON AWARDS! I got it from the Star: News extracted: Hong Ming-Umi commercial wins three ANDY awards By MUMTAJ BEGUM KUALA LUMPUR: The TV commercial entitled Tan Hong Ming, conceptualised and directed by local advertising creative director and filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad, has won three awards (two gold and one bronze) at the 2008 International ANDY awards in New York. The commercial has in total won 13 awards worldwide, after making its mark in March at the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival in Pattaya, Thailand, and at the 29th Malaysian Advertising Awards last November. The commercial was one of a three-part TV campaign in conjunction with Merdeka 2007 for Petronas, produced by Leo Burnett Advertising Sdn Bhd. It was Leo Burnett’s headquarters in Chicago that entered the commercial for the ANDYs. “I had no idea they had entered it. I was surprised

Bad Afternoon

I think I have not bee napping during the afternoons, and i think I can't nap anymore in the afternoons. I still have weird, bad dreams. I remembered my workstation was elevated up on a hill-like area and there were empty spaces on the ground. There were plentiful of bananas and i decided to stuck plucking and plucking. and somewhat, there were rubbers/extracts that got stuck to my hair and my teeth and my chin and also my NECK!! WHAT'S happening? Then, i managed to pull through all the sticky stuff and turned into chewing gum. How gross. And, I had to do some 'last minute' work for my boss; Sort of like, providing the original data vs the changed data. And to my horror, a friend started to ignore me and I ignored back. And the day continued with canceled pingpong tournament (supposed to be on next Monday). And.. i was at the beach, and there were some kind of kuanyin statue stacking competition.. and it all happened in the day.. And i dont' know how to PHRASE

When you're gone - Avril Lavigne

I was trying hard to figure out what song it was each time it was aired on the radio. I never seem to find out. Then.............. i heard again, and ask my friend about it. Hooray.. It's avril lavigne.. lolz... Avril Lavigne Lyrics When You're Gone Lyrics

10-day Trial at Clark Hatch, Dato Kramat

The club is pretty much small, yet, it's still equipped with shower, toilet, steam bath and lockers. There are not much machines for weights. Perhaps, they focus more on cardio machines. However, i really hate rude people in the gym. I hate ppl who invade my space and block my mirror space. Just because i don't know how to dance, they just shouldn't invade ppl's space! The classes aren't that effective or solid like . Anyway, i shall give it a try and see how it works for me. The advantage is .. it's cheap and parking is free!

Personality test

Since it's May Day, I finally did the personality test: I'm a Sanguine-Phelgmatic. I did a similar 5 question personality test at work, that tells that I was the same. :) Relational-Neutralist

Big Mac Chant

Honestly, i wanna go and try my luck for a free Big Mac. Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun! i wanna TRYY laaaaaaa

Sunshine Food Court's Claypot

I was at sunshine Food court for lunch. There is not much choice to eat, and the western food is no longer open. Since claypot rice is quite 'ho chiak' and it's only RM4, i decided to order and share with my colleague. (since rice is high GI, i got to share laaa) I didn't know that the spoon looks so OLD laio...