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Whether powering through a tough weight circuit or a kickin' cardio class, keep your hands protected with the Women's Nike Multi-Purpose Fitness Gloves.
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Not sure if I'm buying the right stuff but according to my friend, this is not heavy weight.,grid,_grid,f-10001+12004&re=US&co=US&la=EN

The overview:When you need to be at your best, the Women's Nike Elite Fitness Gloves will help get you there.
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MY new shoes

I've got no choice. I found out that my shoes' sole is coming out (after washing). I was at the gym that nite. I skipped cardio workout but went for the slower classes. I had to buy soon. I got gym to go the next morning. I need to buy. I asked my colleague for cheap nice pair of shoes. Off... we went to the mall during lunch. And voila, immediately, I bought the pair of shoes from Nike. (women's version ... :P) hooray! for good body fat % -> i rewarded myself another FILA tshirt.

More and more... to no more

Abs and Stretch
More work outs on the abs. Imagine working out on just the abs for 40 mins.
It's a little crazy but of course, for newbies like me, i cheated a lot by not doing.
FUnny thing is the instructor will say "dont sleep".

Power Balance
It's a mixture of taichi, yoga and pilates and a lot of relaxation exercise.
I did learnt a lot of basic yoga poses.

Celebrity Steps
I thought Body Steps were tough.
Now, celebrity steps has 3 boards and I could hardly COPE.
I guess, it involves lots of dance steps with daisy, shuffle, and mambo and single kick.

More and Moreee...

Body Jam
New release - Dance step-liked aerobics.
I had a good time but standing behind = not able to see the legs

Wowww. it's so torturing but good work out!

Power Yoga
Learning some basics of Yoga, ie. child pose, warrior, vinyasa, etc etc.

More workout

Hip Hop
It's a new class.
It's better now, that i can follow 80% of the steps though I danced really badly - like kayu

Power Yoga
I think it's not too bad with the stretching stuff :)

But, after seeing this video, I'm so inspired to keep going..

Post Election Day

Today, as I drove myself to work, I see quietness and still.
Since it's still a holiday for the schools, there weren't much traffic.

I wonder, where is everybody?

The flags, banners and posters of various parties are still scattering around the city.
Are they going to collect it back and recycle for the next election to come?

Confused Citizen

Like I mentioned, I waited to see the facial expressions of the leaders of yesterdays on TV.
Rather solemn.
No celebration of victory from the opposition party.

I was afraid the state being called emergency.
I felt that I was silly asking church members around if there is still church service the next day.
I was rather worried for our nation.
They all laughed at me, for being such a timid mouse (c'mon it's the year of rat k?)

To my surprise, many of them said that it's a prophecy being fulfilled especially for the north countries (inclusive of Penang).
I do not know what it is. Maybe I should find out from God and seek for His divine wisdom.

Let's wait for the best.

Classes in Celebrity Fitness

Body Combat
I finally managed to attend the class, and it took me 24 hours to feel the stretch of my back muscles till my waist. But it's a real good cardio work out!

I long for more abs training, and it's really GOOD!!
Gonna work on my inhale-exhale part and lotsa stretching on my legs!!
Pilates would help in breathing, posture and stretching. :)

Penang - Political Tsunami

I stayed up till 3am for the results.
I waited for the leaders to be on the screen/tv to have their say.
Well, they have nothing much left to say.
There is nothing to comment about over the big loss that they faced.

On the other hand, Penang would be ruled by the opposition party.
It's a big change for Penang - for good and for bad, I really don't know.
Ever since 1969, we have been ruled by the government and right now, we are seeing a change.
We may even experience the big hurdles in Penang right now.

We are now ruled by the Lim family.

Today at church, pastor prayed for the nation, especially for smooth transition over the new government. As christians, we got to submit to the authority because they are God-appointed authorities. And no matter what happens, our sovereign God is always in control.
I pray that the christian politicians will make a change for us, and let not dirty politics make them sway away from God.

My Experience in Celebrity Fitness Gurney Plaza

New School Hip Hop
It was a new song, and I could hardly follow and I think I dragged the class and I'm almost lost.
so scary but i dont quite care lah. Just learn the techniques.

Body Step
New instructor, but the lady infront was blocking me and i could hardly see her.
Towards the end, I grew a little tired jumping up and down the platform

Body Pump
Since I was rushing for Choir worship at church, I only managed to do the warm up session and the chest pumps.
My max is still 2.5kgx2. I wonder when I would be able to lift more!

and today, I managed to attend the body pump completely with abs exercises!
Gee. i think i don't have enough abs exercise as i don't feel any pain on my abs.
Even captain chair does not work for me!

I like Leo's charming smile. Wow.. So strong yet gentle.
It was a new experience doing the standing cycling which I couldn't do it as I have not mastered the technique yet.
Butt pain2 at the end. :(

Latin Fiesta
Got to learn the body roll!!!!!


Vote for CJ7!

It's the season again,
Election Time for Malaysia.

Competition is rather stiff.
Lots of people are supporting the opposition some what (DAP, PKR especially).
For me, i vote for CJ7.
Lolz.. if CJ7 can stand out to be an independent contestant, that would be great.

Many of my friends are helping out being a polling agent.
I think it's going to be fun!