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Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

Having drinks while watching sunset reminds me of Sunset Beach Bistro in Batu Ferringhi, Penang.. .... Except that the alcoholic drinks are cheaper here at Langkawi.. Please believe that it was me JUMPING! i MADE It!

Tanjung Rhu and Pasir Hitam

Cannot walk to the islands due to RAIN (AGAIN!!) So, it was just Rojak (RM2) and Big coconut (Rm3). And the earlier Pantai Pasir Hitam (Black sand beach?) WHY is it black? Just read from Wikipedia , due to the mineral deposits - that sort of thing.

The Loaf, Telaga Harbour Park

I have always fancied Japanese stuff. The Loaf is a japanese style bakery, which I call it, Dr M's Bakery. I liked their concept. I picked my bread. They sliced them and warm it for me. And, so far, it's the only place I've ever seen serving frozen iced latte. Cheers!

Berjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa Resort

Between Chalets (at the jungle) and Suites (at the sea). What would you pick? Experience the sounds of the insects in the chalets and hear the sea waves at the suites. You get the best of both worlds at Berjaya Langkawi Beach Resort. I am quite fascinated with how they build the place, right in the middle of the forest. I felt like I was in a jungle hiking/camping. Would I be able to find my Mr George of the jungle there? Room had a King sized bed and a day bed to read. :) AND, it was those 22" Singer branded TV they had with Malay words. Not only I'm a van driver, I'm also a Jeep/van driver now. In order to access to our individual chalets/suits, we need to take a jeep ride from the hotel lobby as it may be a distance to walk. The poolside is surrounded by angmohs sun-taning. Every evening, they have a group of filipinos band singing the blues. I'm able to see bigger waves at Berjaya beach as compared as Langkasuka as they dont have any bridges as a barrie

Langkasuka Hotel, Langkawi

During low-peak season, we could get a room at Langkasuka Hotel (beach) at RM73. The yellow floats remind me of water parks. It's rather relaxing lazy-ing around the floats as we gaze at the sky at the pool. As I swam into the pool, I notice that the water was clear. I could see the pebbled ground (instead of tiles) and it gave the feeling as if I was swimming at a lake or sea. As when the sunlight beams through the waters, I could see as if it was sea waves splashing over me. RM73 for 2 queen sized beds. What else could we expect? Setback - air-cond was not working fine at all! The beach has cute little huts with 2 chairs and a table. We could see sunset from the beach, but no big waves as it is blocked by a big divider beach which I dont' know why it was for.

Italian Affair in Langkawi

I was with two fellas whom I think are crazie over Carbonara. Upon arrival, they would have a stop-over at Red Tomato Garden Cafe, Pantai Cenang for carbonara which is supposed to be the best! Sadly, no water = no cooking = no carbonara. So, we all ordered two pieces of toasts for lunch that costs us Rm7.50. Second Italian place is at T-Jay's, Pantai Cenang for Penne Carbonara. And one of the nights, we went to Mare's Blu, Telaga Harbour Park. Great ambience, a total romantic place for couples - I dream of myself going on a date ONE DAY. ~haha~ Just think of dining by the sea, surrounded with boats. Or perhaps, I should sit over at Tapaz, where I could see more crowd. Food at Mare Blu's is so-so only. I dont' feel as authentic, though their pizza was crispy, yet I felt that something is missing. My beef ribbon-liked tagliatelle is a little to soggy for my tounge. So, towards the end of our trip, we went back to Red Tomato, and this time,

I dream of Boats..

It's always been a rich-man thing to have their own boats, after owning superbikes, sports cars, remote control cars.. Due to much influence from The GEM of Life cantonese series, I still dream of catching sea breezes while enjoying a glass of red wine. In Langkawi, the dream is almost achieavable! There are so many quays around. We have Petronas Quay. Telaga Harbour Park - Sabrina? Oh well, some of the boats are for charters! Can i own one of them for ONE night? Fantastic - a dream come true surrounded by boats. (If I could have a ride for a night, it'd be even better~!) Awana Porto Malai - So quiet ler..