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I ♥♥♥ love ♥♥♥ Barista Coffee

I got many of these from the 7-eleven stores in Taiwan. Did not know that it was so good until I came back and tried it. ( It was the only packet left, thus, this is the best picture I could give)
I ♥ Barista Coffee

Penang, being the Best State in Malaysia

I enjoy Church visiting.
It was one of the Sundays that I thought I should visit another church.
It was a small church with a congregation of less than 100. I didn't manage to do a count, but I think, it was about 50ish.

I was exactly on time. The usher greeted my friend and I and asked if we were first time visitors. Since It was a small church, I guess, it's easy to spot visitors.

They had all a church should have.
Music, Tambourines, dancers, worship team and even a mother's room. It has been a real long time since I heard loud sound of shofars and the tambourines being struck.
But, I felt as if I was in a church in the yester-years since it was still using the over-head projector (OHP).

The pastor reminded me the importance to proclaim and believe.
These are the words he said,

"Malaysia is the best country in the world, and
Penang is the best state in Malaysia".

So, I should also tell myself,
"I am the most beautiful woman in Penang (also in Malaysia…

Ching Han Guan Biscuits from Ipoh

Whenever I go Ipoh, it's always Heong Piah, Dimsum, Salted Chicken and Chicken Hor Fun. Someone offered me Ching Han Guan's Meat Floss Lotus Paste yolk biscuit and the combination was just INCREDIBLE!

They had all my favourite ingredients all in the biscuit. Get me one box if you are going to Ipoh!

Langkawi Pictures

Some of the pictures that I really liked from my last langkawi trip:

 Royal Langkawi Yacht Club
Oriental Village
On our way back to Penang from Langkawi

Celebration at The Sun

Set dinners at the Sun (Macalister Road, Penang) is RM38nett. Since it was a birthday celebration, by presenting our ICs on our birthday month, there will 20% off from the set ordered. That would probably cost around RM30.
 Salad with a chunk of salmon - which made our stomachs pretty full
 Salmon - I think they were a little too generous with the Japanese Soy Sauce.
Carrot Cake
But I think i liked the cheese cake better

 It's a nice dining place and the Nepali waiters were really attentive and friendly. Thanks friends :)

Portraying as a Difficult customer

Few days ago, I had a funny dream.
I dreamt of myself going back to Malacca, a place where I spent for two years.

I went to a shop, and bought ice cream. Apparently, I was allowed to scoop my own flavours and pay based on the amount I took. I think it was RM4.90. I paid and I ate. Then, I was told that they had the wrong pricing (should be more expensive). I screamed and made a scene at the restaurant demanding for the person in charge to speak to me. Nobody bothered. The waiters hid behind, at the kitchen.

Then I thought again, could it be because I had an expensive homemade gula melaka ice cream at Kopi Cine? I told the waiters that the prices shown are overseas prices. (harga seperti berada kat luar negara). And, there was a chinese lady who had a very stern look.

Both linked pretty well. Ice cream + Melaka + expensive + mad lady (I turned into a mad lady).

And, it still bothers me, I was about to leave Melaka, and I have yet to visit Mahkota Parade. Have I been thinking to much of…

Kopi Cine 珈啡电影 + Bon Ton The Shop

It took me a while to figure out what "Cine" is. Should it be "Cine" as in "shine" or should it be "cine" as in "sini".
I was wondering, why are there chinese characters? And what does the chinese character says? It says "Jia Fei Dian Ying", which means, Coffee + Cinema.

So, I concluded that it was a coffee place for movies (or perhaps, for this case, slight reading). The place should be pronounced as, Kopi Cine (as in cine-ma).

This cafe is situated right behind the Kuan Yin temple, the junction of stewart lane, Penang. Never would I expect such a gem behind the alleys of old prewar shop houses.

There were many buncho crayons on the shot glasses for us to scribble on the piece of mahjong paper laid on the table.

Trishwa parked right opposite of the shop  Since Straits Quay or either Blue Reef was not opened, we decided to try on the food at Kopi Cine (Why did Bon Ton The Shop appeared?).

It says, "Today's special Ch…

Former Penang Chief Ministry - Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu - RIP

Just a month ago, I asked my mom, if our former Penang CM, Dr Lim Chong Eu was alive, since he has not been in the limelight for a very long time. The very next day, I saw that the newspaper reported that he was unwell and was admitted.

And, today, I read the news, that he has passed away on 11/24/2010 due to stroke.

Should Penang declare a state holiday?

Boston Cafe (又一城) in KULIM!

Since its opening last week at Kulim Avenue, Boston (又一城) restaurant has been overwhelmed by the lunch crowd of Kulim Hi Tech office workers. Currently, there is a free drink promotion (only tea, coffee or mix (Yin Yong)) until end of this month. Hurry UP!
I wanna have my second cup of free drink... Just order anything and every customer would be entitled for a free drink.

Food is almost the same as the one in Penang, just that the service was exceptionally slow after 12pm.
(Things usually works perfectly fine on a slow day)

 Baked Rice with a different spelling serviette (Bosston)  RM9.95 I Liked the sambal.

Chicken Ham and Egg Burger with Fries- RM7.95 The burger bun was bad. I prefer McD's muffin bun. The bun's texture showed there it was bought cheaply from some hypermarts (very bad dough). Could see the layer of oil from the fries = fattening.
 French Toast RM4.95 I like french toast. I never would have enough of it. But, i think the bread and the toast was not done too well toda…

Coffee Bean Buy1 Free1 Promotion + Festive Drinks

Dark chocolate orange
Dark chocolate peppermint

Review: Langkawi Nature Tour

I just got to know recently that (Penang Community Centre) has a Blogger’s Appreciation Programme, "Travel With A Green Heart Campaign", sponsored by Langkawi Saga Travel & Tours, which basically, to create awareness on our environment.

My usual visits to Langkawi is mainly for relaxation and food, but this time, I was able to admire the nature that God has created, moreover, it is sponsored by Moreover, since I'm a local, I hardly engage with the local tours to visit places.

My friend, Pei and I had a chance to travel together with five other bloggers. 
(Now, all my pictures has her face all over in this blog post)

Getting there
Since it is a local tour departing from Swettenhan Pier, we drove and parked our cars there.
For non-locals, there do have hotel pick up arrangements.

It was almost a 3 hour ride getting to Langkawi Island, but the 8.15am boat would stop at Payar Island first. As soon as you reach Payar Island, you would be able to see …

Coming Up Soon...

Starbucks Joke of the Week

Winnie ThewI love Starbucks, I went to US recently & I saw Starbucks everyway, proud of our Malaysia own Starbucks being so successful in foreign countries..^_^

Pinang Peranakan Mansion - Penang's Heritage

As a Penangite, I'm proud to blog about The Pinang Peranakan Mansion. I had some friends from PJ visiting Penang, and could not think of any other place to show them around, but this place!
Since we are required to pay an entry fee of RM10 per person, I might as well share some pics to some who has not been inside. I jokingly asked if there were any discounts for groups, but he said if there were 10 people, we will get a free 1. I saw some crews doing some photo shooting (bridal shooting, model shooting). According to a friend, they only pay RM50 for the whole team for the photo shooting.
 I like the intricate design of the entrance

 I cant remember the name of the game The beds were really small!
Stickers to play around The exterior of the building.
The place was pretty ok only, but I'd be glad if it was for free, but then since it comes with a 20 min tour, I guess, our admission fee was used for the maintenance of the building and to pay the guides. But then again, it was pretty…