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Time oh Time, where art thou

It has been a while since i'm consistent about my devotional time. I try to read the Word as much as possible but whenever I'm home, I still have not gotten the habit to do it at the right timing. Probably, there are just too many things around.
Few months have gone. And now, it's towards the 2nd half of the year. Soon, it'd be 2007.
Thank God for internet. At least I would still go to'm trying, as much as possible to start my morning with it...

Compressing Outlook PST

It took about 1 week for me to finally clear out my old company's mailbox.
Size was like super, duper, gigantic huge... say 2GB? 1000 mails unread?

I finally cleared all the unnecessary emails, esp notification emails and daily/weekly/monthly reports.
I took a look at my C:\Documents and Settings\mleong2\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook, and it was no way to even burn all those into the disk or at least transfer the data to my pc at home. That's like crazie.

So, i started deleting and deleting and deleting.
Some file size decreased, after shutting down and all. Some psts remained huge.

Thanks to I started searching for the method and finally was adviced to use the "Compress" button.
Pretty useful!

Am I still under-18?

I was in the bank applying for an ATM card just now.
The teller asked me if I was above 18?? Well, I've passed that age so long ago! I can't believe it that people still think that i'm still a minor.
Guess it's a good sign!! and no more late night sleeps for me.

At least..

but.. my heart is still for my current company.
don't have the heart to leave..
missing it right now.. but.. it's just another phase of life or decision that i've made!

All things are bright and beautiful

歌曲名:All Things Bright And Beautiful 所属专辑:麦兜故事(电影原声音乐) 演唱:麦兜故事 作词:何崇志 作曲:英国圣诗 歌曲名:All Things Bright And Beautiful 歌词:
All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful, The Lord God made them all. The purple headed mountain, the river running by, The sunset and the morning, that brightens up the sky. All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful, The Lord God made them all. The cold wind in the winter, The pleasant summer sun, The ripe fruits in the garden, He made them everyone. 苍翠青山在远方 流水江河迂回朝日夕阳显辉煌 满天绚丽灿烂一切美丽光明物 一切活泼生灵 All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small. 提供者--Ching

chong chui ching san choi yun fong
lau shui kong ho yu wui chiu yat
cek yong hin fei wang
moon tin shoon lai chan lang
yat chai mei lei kong ming met
yat chai wut put sheng ling
so cutee!!!…

Discovery Trip

Guess I'm back to my old-self, being the an inconsistent blogger.
Probably, I've nothing to update or nothing much to say... or rather, i don't want to say it here.

Singapore was truly an eventful trip. A discovery trip.
(ya, rite. i went to the Singapore Discover Centre and it was closed!!!)

Few encounters that i truly enjoyed:
1) Taking bus trips
- to SDC
- to Singapore Science Centre
- to Sentosa

2) Going to their local supermarkets and shopping malls
- like Fair price
- getting cheap tee-shirts (Giordano for SGD5)
- seeing Ben&Jerry ice cream everywhere
- cheaper Dorothy Perkins products

3) Looking at Geylang chics
- i get to see many, many china call girls as well as the transvestites!
- a real eye opener!! i've not seen so many, and at the same time enjoying the food

4) Tasted their food
- toasted kaya bread - hm.. not bad! but quite costly SGD1.60 for 2 slices
- tasted their kopi-O - exactly the same as in malaysia
- BUrger King bacon and turkey ham - quite rich.. something we…

My Fav Chorus!

作曲:莫札特 编曲:何崇志 填词:谢立文


What's your T-Score?

Just checked my bones on my achiles ankles and had Rm1 discount on Anlene products in Giant.
Mine was 4.3???? so out of range...

Bone mineral density T-score

2.5 to 1 below the young adult reference range (2.5 to –1)

Low bone mass (osteopenia):
1 to 2.5 SDs below the young adult reference range (–1 to –2.5)

2.5 or more SDs below the young adult reference range (–2.5 or less)

Severe osteoporosis:
2.5 or more SDs below the young adult reference range (–2.5 or less) and the presence of one or more bone fractures

aFt3r a t3nni5 gam3....

I only played tennis casually a few times in my entire life.
I guess, this is like my perhaps.. my 3rd time?

Since, I had problem aiming and hitting the tennis balls. I could see that the ball is beside me yet I did know how to aim it with the racquet.

The rest of them were playing doubles and I was practising myself with the wall.
I gained more confidence and was able to hit whenever the balls come to me. Just that, the controlling part was a little too difficult me. I guess, I need Practice Practice Practice.

I headed for a cuppa Rasberry Ice blended Tea Frappucino @Starbucks after a quick shower. It was like 11pm+ and I was deep asleep until having a very disturbed dream.

There were 3 dogs.
The big one, the big hairy one, and a cutie palm size one.
The big one was like my foot rest. I rested my foot on it, as if it's a nice cushion.
The hairy one was dyed with white paint and it kept running around - I'm kinda scared of it.
The small one kept crawling around me.. yucks... just like r…

Casio watches

When i was studying, BABY-G and G-SHOCK seemed to be the coolest watch for kids. Now, I think more people prefer Tag Heuer or perhaps, at least a SEIKO.

But me, for only Rm92, I could get a cheap analog CASIO. :)

Why Do Men Have Nipples?

I was tired on thurs morning and I hurried myself to put on my lenses. I had a little discomfort on my left eye but i ignored that and went ahead to work.
At about 7+am, i started messing with my eye and *poof* my lens were gone!!!
Is it on the table? - No
Is it on my desk? - No
Is it stucked somewhere on my hands? - No
Is it on my clothes? - No
Did it dropped on to the carpet floor? -No
I asked my colleagues to start searching hi and lo.. and all our efforts were in vain.
I cant find it anywhere. .:(
Geez. Is it still inside my eyes? I don't know!!!!!!

I spent almost 2 hours digging inside my eyes. Yet, no results found.
I went home and put on my spectacles.
Had breakfast even!
And the incident is still in my head. :(
How ah how ah? Will i be blind?

After work, i went to see a GP and he tried digging my left eye (after dropping anasthetic) with a glass rod and he found nothing.
He said, I must have dropped it.
The trauma was there.

I went to work as usual, feeling a little itch on my left eye.
I ha…

Latest OSIM product - iGALLOP

I was in 1U last week and I laughed hysterically looking at it.
Would it for children or women?
It says, "Shape, Tone, Fun"

Think about it.

Penang Hill Here I Come

I finally achieved hiking up Penang Hill.
It's one of the things that I wanted to do but never did.
I realised that it's not as tough as I thought it was initially.
Glad that I finally did it.

My day started as I dragged myself up at 7.20am as I wait for my colleague to pick me up. Standing as high as 168ft tall, we started our counters at 8.08am. The other guy was cool munching his sausage bun with his sunglasses. Soon after we turned to the corner for a little rest at the little hut, he stopped eating and removed his sunglasses. Oh no.. we had a little more and he gave up!! He asked for the car keys and prepared to go home!

Threes a crowd, Twos a company.
Now, leaving the both of us, marching bravely to complete the hike!
Not too long, we reached at the rest area with roti-tiao dipped in kopi-O.
Arhhh.... Nice aroma. It has been ages since I had that.
My friend wanted to rest more before we continue the journey.
He said he was too heavy to push himself up. Lolz.
This time, we continued…

KL Trip

It was indeed a spontaneous trip where I did not considered where I wanted to go, or what I wanted to do. I was aimless.

I bought bus tickets for the day. Told my bro to drop me off and I was almost late. I reached puduraya and walked to Pasar Seni LRT (as if it's a routine).
I reached KLCC and met up for lunch @Madam Kwan.
I walked for almost 3 hours around KLCC. Kinokuniya books are wrapped! How can I read all of them? I walked around and was amazed with the sale in Mambo. Managed to find a pink tee. Geez. I looked almost like those school girls in the shop.

Silly me, I was trying to go online in starbucks but wireless connection was sucky. I can't even read about proxy, router, hub and switch. Poor me. No wonder I sounded so bad at interviews.

Since I'm trying hard to watch my weight, I had fish for dinner. Sadly, we ordered such the platter set in Manhanttan fish market. I controlled myself so much that I refused to finish up the garlic rice served on the pan. Haha!

At night…

Afternoon sleep = weird dreams

Few things that I dislike about being in graveyard shift:
1) Makan Time screwed up
2) Sleeping time screwed up
3) No chance for exercise
4) Body gets tired
5) Acne outbreak (sometimes)
6) Social life is within my shift mates
7) No interaction even with my family members
8) Dark eye circles
9) Less productive at work

and reason no. 10..
B-A-D D-R-E-A-M-S (i think the list could go on and on).

Just this afternoon, I was a little influenced by the Star's article on Friday about supernatural/spirit sightings. Many people see "figures" while jungle trekking or even on a day broadlight.
And me, after coming back from Easter service and lunch with church mates..... I tidor-ed and dreamt about hanging out in a hotel place for retreat with cg mates, but later, I was left alone with my colleague and another person (i think it was my sister). We heard shreaking sound of table/chair moving from the room. We saw a white figure peeping at us from the window.

I prayed for protection and covering.

Steam bath

I remembered, the last i went for a steambath was 2 years ago, when I had a stay in Ritz-Carlton, KL. It was a short one after a quick swim at the hotel.
At that time, i never knew what was it all about, but I just wanted to have fun and enjoy the facility.

After gym classes (mtv style and body combat), i managed to had a quick 10 mins steam bath and I think it was cool. I was just wrapped with towel. *phweeitt!*
And the benefits of it....

(got it from:

Steam baths are good for:

easing stress
relieving muscle tensions and stiff joints

boosting the immune system

lymph detoxification

stimulating circulation

increasing body metabolism

alleviating sinus congestion due to colds, asthma, or allergies, and

keeping skin youthful.
What can steam heat do?

Steam heat increases the extensibility of tissues.
Steam heat decreases rigidity in joints.

Steam heat reduces muscle spasm.

Steam heat can decrease muscular pain.

Steam heat increases blood circulation and irrigati…

The more consistent blogger

I think I'm turning myself into the more consistent blogger.
Yesterday, I had a phone interview and I think I almost made a fool of myself for not knowing my facts well, and for not having enough preparation and study for it.
I was actually having cold sweats when they asked me about IP, subnet, Router and switch!
Anyway, it's time for me to think about my life.. again..

I'm glad that things are over. I'm now renewed and afresh.
I find that my love for God is renewing everyday.

Would Jesus really able to touch the aching place of mine, which others would never be able to see or touch it?
I don't know, but in the times of dissapointment and failure, when I turn to Jesus, He would be able to provide me strength and joy in my heart.

Last night, they asked the differences between joy and happiness.
I think Joy is when we are able to smile at the storm.

My Life Begins here..

Weather: Cloudy
Mood: Still Happy

Last time, I have the other blogspot address whereby I blog my thoughts and my frust and my worries there. Today, with this blogger ID, i'm going to write my life journal with God. Though it's going to be a little inconsistent (as said), I'd keep this til the rest of my life.

After visiting Popular Bookshop with the intial motive of getting a technical writing book, I end up walking to Tesco, getting my box of HL low-fat milk that comes with a free gift - Vitagen.
Felt tired after standing up for 1 hour browsing the books and magazines (Seventeen April Edition Talks about how to get over a break up) -> and that was what I wanted -> to SLeeP well later! Indeed, after a sweet prayers with God, I was glad glad glad that I had a full 6 hours of wonderful sleep. Thank you, Jesus!

I've got Mark Harris and 4Him!

Our Daily Bread

I suddenly realised tat I can make use of my office hour to read ODB online
It links to biblegateway and I'm able to .. hooray! Read everything in 5 mins!


It has been a craze that everyone has their very old personalize avatar.
MSN even had meego where there is expression for everything (sad, happy, angry).
I just randomly tried this..... and i think it looks horrible. harhar