Monday, June 15, 2009

True Life Account about Sugarbal supplements

Oh well.
I was about to feel itchiness on my throat, so I thought of having some supplements.
Since none of my colleagues had vitC, the only supp available was Sugarbal.
I thought it would help for sore throat prevention.

I did my normal routine at the gym for ~1hour and drank lots of water to replenish myself.

I went home and took a bath and i was SHOCK to SEE bright, flourescent yellow PEE.
Arggh. Am I sick?

Some answers i found, and it seemed it was due to the excessive vitamins (yes, sugarbal has vit B.. blame it blame it) and body turned acidic, it would flush out the color. Obviously, I dont need the sugarbal. Sorry, I wasted my colleague's precious sugarbal tablet :(

Maybe.. it was because I was dehydrated after my gym session.. Tee-hee.


yileen said...

Or maybe you needed the sugarbal, and your body flushes out the excess.

To celebrate your health, lets do five starjumps together!! (>o<)

meiyi said...

I love starjumps!