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Steam bath

I remembered, the last i went for a steambath was 2 years ago, when I had a stay in Ritz-Carlton, KL. It was a short one after a quick swim at the hotel.
At that time, i never knew what was it all about, but I just wanted to have fun and enjoy the facility.

After gym classes (mtv style and body combat), i managed to had a quick 10 mins steam bath and I think it was cool. I was just wrapped with towel. *phweeitt!*
And the benefits of it....

(got it from:

Steam baths are good for:

easing stress
relieving muscle tensions and stiff joints

boosting the immune system

lymph detoxification

stimulating circulation

increasing body metabolism

alleviating sinus congestion due to colds, asthma, or allergies, and

keeping skin youthful.
What can steam heat do?

Steam heat increases the extensibility of tissues.
Steam heat decreases rigidity in joints.

Steam heat reduces muscle spasm.

Steam heat can decrease muscular pain.

Steam heat increases blood circulation and irrigati…

The more consistent blogger

I think I'm turning myself into the more consistent blogger.
Yesterday, I had a phone interview and I think I almost made a fool of myself for not knowing my facts well, and for not having enough preparation and study for it.
I was actually having cold sweats when they asked me about IP, subnet, Router and switch!
Anyway, it's time for me to think about my life.. again..

I'm glad that things are over. I'm now renewed and afresh.
I find that my love for God is renewing everyday.

Would Jesus really able to touch the aching place of mine, which others would never be able to see or touch it?
I don't know, but in the times of dissapointment and failure, when I turn to Jesus, He would be able to provide me strength and joy in my heart.

Last night, they asked the differences between joy and happiness.
I think Joy is when we are able to smile at the storm.

My Life Begins here..

Weather: Cloudy
Mood: Still Happy

Last time, I have the other blogspot address whereby I blog my thoughts and my frust and my worries there. Today, with this blogger ID, i'm going to write my life journal with God. Though it's going to be a little inconsistent (as said), I'd keep this til the rest of my life.

After visiting Popular Bookshop with the intial motive of getting a technical writing book, I end up walking to Tesco, getting my box of HL low-fat milk that comes with a free gift - Vitagen.
Felt tired after standing up for 1 hour browsing the books and magazines (Seventeen April Edition Talks about how to get over a break up) -> and that was what I wanted -> to SLeeP well later! Indeed, after a sweet prayers with God, I was glad glad glad that I had a full 6 hours of wonderful sleep. Thank you, Jesus!

I've got Mark Harris and 4Him!

Our Daily Bread

I suddenly realised tat I can make use of my office hour to read ODB online
It links to biblegateway and I'm able to .. hooray! Read everything in 5 mins!