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How would you interpret this picture?

somebody says it looked like soemthing else..
i never thought of that.
only men would think of that object..

Can you see bokeh?

Can you see the bokeh behind the christmas tree?
and this one too? :P only happens with 50mm/1.8f :D

Memorable Christmas Lunch

It was a quiet afternoon and we had a peaceful lunch at SoHo Penang Road.
The mushroom soup tasted as good as TGI Friday's (only Rm4.50)
It was creamy and I could taste the bits and pieces of mushrooms as I slurped my spoon into my mouth.

Spagetti for only RM7.80.

Chicken burger topped with an egg (I love eggs). RM7.80 + Rm1.50
The fries are really fresh and good - better than mcD

Vanilla flan - RM4.50 The picture looked great but the the dessert. It tasted like normal ordinary pudding with vanilla cream toppings.
The waiter had a not-too-bad photography skills. IMHO, SoHo Penang serves the best FOOD and most value for MONEY restaurant :)
Most importantly, the staff are really friendly that my friend tipped him RM2.20. *haha*

Have a Blessed Christmas

I love the christmas tree deco balls.
Very interestingly, it acts like a mirror having myself doing all sorts of reflection.

Caught my 5 fingers which looked like ET :)
(and I really love the 50mm lens)

I have always loved the decos and lights which are nicely put up all over the city. If the true meaning of christmas is being shared this way, then churches wouldn't even need to send missionaries out, as every single corner has already a part of christmas 'ornament' shown. How nice would it be if everyone understands the reason for the birth of Jesus; He came to die for our sins to save us from eternal death.

Starbucks Cheer 2009

Thanks Starbucks for the food and games and party.
Sadly, I didnt' win a single game , however, I managed to get free food :D

Oh well, the children are the happiest.
Hope they will have some great games for the children next year!

Have a Blessed Christmas

It was used as a gift from a grandpa to a young girl in a hokkien skit at church last week.
I think my best christmas gift so far is the RM30 reload; at least it's the most practical gift that one could receive other than cash itself.

Mega Sports Camp

It's almost ONE month since Mega Sports Camp at PCC.
Children at the field warming up.
Queuing up to kick the ball and GAIN POINTS.

The children in my group.
I pray and hope that one day they will grow up IMPACTING others' lives.

Funny incidences happened.
1. Someone's pants were torn apart
2. someone's panties fell on the ground while trying to take out her cap :D

Children amazes me... and they are not shameful of the little embarrassing moments that happened.
Most importantly, we all learned together on character quality..
A - Attentiveness
E - Enthusiastic
R - Responsibility
O - Obedience

1. Teamwork
- On a good team, everyone knows their role
- God knows exactly what role we are to play

2. Perseverance
- Imagine the end results
- God will help us persevere when life changes

3. Respect
- Respect others whether you are in first place or last
- God treats everyone with respect

4. Sacrifice
- Sacrifice always costs us something
- God's ultimate sacrifice was giving His Son for us

And the …

Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, Penang

Lemonade vs Iced tea.
I prefer Lemonade.

Just some random food

Jumbo Combo
A delectable array of our most popular starters that’s big enough to share. Includes Santa Fe
Spring Rolls, Hickory-Smoked Chicken Wings, Onion Rings, Potato Skins and Tupelo Chicken
Tenders. Served with four different sauces for mixing and matching

My opinion: The wings were good... others are so-so..

Spring rolls and onion rings
I think it was Lamb burger/sandwich and it was SO difficult to digest them.. and one of the coleslaw tasted like my mom's DISHWASHING ENZYME!

Twisted Mac, Chicken & Cheese
A grilled chicken breast tops off twisted Cavatappi pasta tossed in a lightly spiced 3-cheese sauce, with garlic, roasted red peppers and Romano parsley bread crumbs. Served with a side of garlic toast.

My opinion: Almost like Kenny roger's except that they have nice bread crumbs.

Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae
Vanilla ice cream and hot fudge on a fresh brownie, topped with chopped walnuts, chocolate sprinkles, fresh w…

My first HDR picture

I almost gone crazy looking at this...
I was on my way to Batu Ferringhi and snapped this from the car...
Btw, it's Flamingo Hotel and Paradise Sandy bay along Tanjung Bungah..

Accidental Stay at Paradise Sandy Bay

Someone who was so thoughtful about me called me on a Saturday afternoon asking if I was free.
And, it turned out to be an invitation for a night's stay at Paradise Sandy Bay.
(Thanks .. my good samaritan)

My die-hard 'must-take-a-lot-of-photo' spirit never DIED.
I took my camera and snaped MANY, MANY pictures.

It's christmas... isn't christmas.. till it happens in your heart.. Took someone's room key and snapped.. (smart me :P) The first time I walked out of the lift, I was surprised that the rooms were suites instead of just 'rooms'.
Photo 1 - patterns I was amazed with the size of the room.... and I was staying all alone in the room.... It's a not too bad place for a holiday vacation for oustation folks.. (no money for saying this but I just wanna share)
Photo 2 - Perspective
I tried snapping The cove from my balcony at level 7. My first time setting to MF but I find that the pictures were slightly out of focus and I felt as if I have bad eye sight looking thr…

Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

HRC, originally uploaded by meimeizoe. I managed to upload my first picture on

Though the color can be further enhanced, I'm sastisfied. :)

Renewing our IC

I had an uncollected myKAD (the Malaysian version of Identification card) for more than 2 months.
I didn't receive any emails or notification letters from the Registration dept, thus I finally checked online at the portal, Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara.

Better collect it.....
I wouldn't want to get scoldings from the officers there.