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Tuk Tuk in Bangkok

i hope that's the right spelling!! (not tut-tut huh?) Anyway... the ones we saw in Hatyai is called "song-tiao" in Bangkok!!

Suan Lum Night Bazaar with Kay+Ann

Memoriess..... it's been 3 years since we last met and 2 of us 'lost' some weights. :P

lots of foreigners seated behind our table...
fried stuff.. our malaysian version of roti babi, popiah and fried kuih...
All time fav - Papaya salad (som thum)
- so so nia actually..
comes along with the rice with coconut milk..
and our fried rice behind.....

Suan Lum is famous for its Traditional Thai Puppet Theater.
Basically to attract more tourists.

Gee.. being molested by puppets... *Help*
and the 'puppet' of the men's and ladies' toilets..
aren't they scary?

Never have I met such a person.....

Best Employee Of The Year (not sure if it's illegal to post his pic here, or would he kill me for doing this??? Would i be sued for copyright infringement??)
If ever there is a nomination for the best employee in my company, I would vote for him. I've heard good comments/remarks about him but have never talked/dealt with him personally. Being almost in Supply chain for 2 years, I've still been clueless about everything, without proper training and guidance, but he has pretty much GAVE the whole COMPANY lots of HOPE and ASPIRATION. Another colleague of mine who works with him agreed with me. He's such a huggable and loveable trainer. God does send good people around us.. and he's definitely ONE of them!

Bangkok Fashion Show @ Dusit Thani

All from Suan Lum Night bazaar..

Princess 350B (a little bit like pregnant though)
Modern B199.
Cute B100


Ronald from MBK is sending regards to you.. .:)

Greetings from Dusit Thani...
The smell of the King Rama...

Tut Tut in Hatyai

Notice the King at the background?

Hatyai City View

Tried taking sunrise from my hotel window.
Due to the mist on the window, I'm unable to capture anything.

During the Day
From Sky buffet, when the sun about to set..

Almost there..
And ta-da!

Fried Salty Chicken

Nobody wanna take for me cause their dirty hands are also occupied with food.
It's RM10 for 3 drumsticks at the Sadao border.

It isn't very 'oily' but very salty..
But I was hungry, thus, I couldnt' be fussy ...

Fuel Price Going Down Tomorrow

Just got to know about it today from thestar and bernama.
Does that mean we are expecting more cars today?
Seeing that there are more cars these few days, I think it would be even more crowded towards the end of the school holidays. Everyone would at least celebrates with the lowered fuel price as announced by the PM.

Well, I guess it's the Government's last-minute strategy in the efforts of winning the hearts of the rakyat for this coming by-election at Permatang Pauh.

Should we expect another rate TWO months later?
Wish me luck.

Wong Kok Mango Pancake

Looking at the menu after dinner... What shall I eat?
All the buns/pastries are sold out...
The drinks aren't that great..
I flipped the menu again and again..
Some more some of it is a little pricey.

And Finally decided on something I never tried before.

Ta-da. Mango Pancake. Rm4.90.
A bit fattening.
I felt fat after eating that.
It's coated with some kind of flour with not so good mango and whipped cream in it.
And the mango was not fresh.

Paradise Worship Concert in Penang!

I was at the Paradise concert just now organized by
It was my FIRST time seeing the church being filled with so many people.
I wish that our church's worship services would be like that every week!
As the speaker, Matt Heins said, if we pray and fast about the most illogical things, God can give us that breakthrough. (Somewhat, i kept thinking about the loaf of breakthrough bread whenever he says that word)

What I like most about the speaker is, he relates the message with real life examples. Very often, most speakers are unable to share their own personal experiences to the congregation, especially about their bad pasts (their dark secrets).

I liked the part that God could actually tell something to us through our DREAMS.
I dream so much, in fact, TOO MUCH.
If only God could give me the wisdom to comprehend my dreams.

and.. I'm glad Iwas there, though I was late for the first 10 mins.

Somewhat they kept singing this song (Take it all):

Kungfu Dunk

I'm not a fan of Jay Chow. Neither I'm a fan of basketball.
The best moment of the movie is not how they dunk, or how they kungfu, or how the whole place turned into ice, but it was the part where one of the Fireball boys got needle poked at the arm pit. :P

Cause I'm dreaming of food last nite...

My sis asked me what I DReamt about last night, since i went like.. "yum yum yum" in my sleep...

oh well...

i only remembered a sort of nightmare.
i dreamt of going for vacation (somewhere like berjaya times square)
and i dreamt of my friend's bf holding a girl's hand tightly.
I caught him with another girl!?? !

Sarkies at E&O

Just random pictures of the food taken.
I find that the variety is there.
Appetizer, sushi, teppanyaki, duck/chicken rice, starter course (soup) with different types of bread, main courses, local delicacies (fried stuff), desserts, chocolate fountain, ice-cream and variety of fruits..

My chocolate from the fountain..
I would say, it's not-too-bad, but it's RM42++ for lunch. (Phew.. i got discounts)
Dinner would be a little bit more...

Avoiding is a Solution?

I find it so true.

If we do not know how and what to react, it's best to avoid it.
Avoid that problem.
Avoid that person.
Avoid that job.
Avoid that situation.

Soon, we would be at least more emotionally settled about it.
And, I don't see that as 'Running Away', because it's simply NOT.

Should you send your parents to Old Folks Home?

I went for an internal training, Critical and Analytical Thinking the by an external trainer. He made a few statements that disturbed me. He said, "Sending your parents to an old folks home is a SINFUL ACT".

Is it really sinful?
Although he could relate a bad experience that happened, should he judge the rest of the people who sent their parents to the old folks home?

Ever he thought of his consequences of saying that, as a trainer?

I've thought about it myself, if I need to do the same to my parents in the near future. My mom once told me that she had a spinster friend who sold off all her properties and stayed in the old folks home. She is considered still a 'young' senior citizen then, that she could contribute in that home.

All in all, it's just people's perception towards this issue.
At least, we are finding ways to solve our family matters.
We are not ASKING money from our parents.
We are not TORTURING our parents.

Few points..
1. As a senior citizen, it'…

Best Laksa in Penang

I didn't had any camera with me. :(

The best place for Laksa is Shell Station Laksa in Farlim.
The spicy gravy is super thick with fishes and another piece of fish is served.
I wish to go there again some day..

Maui Brownie's Madness

i fell in love with this low-fat ice cream many years back.
I used to frequent baskin robbins on the 31st but i think it's not worth my additional time to burn all the calories away.

it's almost finishing and i'm leaving this very last bit..........
i don't want to finish it...
once it's gone, it'd be gone forever and I'm not planning to replenish my stock anymore.

i honestly felt that this cannot be replaced by nestle's or wall's king's or tesco's or la cremeria's.
Maybe Haagen still works for me.
Its creamy and smooth feeling is HEAVEN to me..

anyone wanna sponsor me more of this?

that at pantai keracut

The starting point is at Taman Negara P. Pinang, Teluk Bahang.
It's right after the roundabout from The end of the world.
After a slow 1 hour hike, I finally reached the bridge.... which is the finishing point for ALL.
The last time I went there (probably 6 years ago), the bridge was not even ready!
I would say that the hike is relatively easy as it was flat ground but the trail was rather interesting with explaination all over.
At least I think it's better than monkey beach.
Seems like it's a Meromictic lake.
There is an area that separates the lake and the sea.
And as when there is high tide, the waters actually do not mix as fresh and sea water's density is different. The other side of the sea.
Clean beach. Windy day.
And it's the bridge to get the boat back to the car park.

English Afternoon Tea at E&O

For the price of RM38++, this is what you get at E&O in the afternoon ...
While waiting to be seated, you may sit at the lounge first.

One pink rose = I love E&O?
Perhaps, englishmen are lower velocity people.
I waited really long and took this picture with my empty tea cup.

There you go..
One big pot (2 tea bags).
And this is not mine.
Some fresh cream and strawberry jam (nopes. . maybe those are not fresh cream and jam)
This is it....
One person is only entitled:
1. 1 pot of tea of choice
2. 2 scones *
3. 2 cucumber sandwiches
4. 2 turkey ham sandwiches
5. 2 smoke salmon sandwiches *
6. 2 tiny cakes
7. 1 buttered cookies
8. 1 fruit pastry*Note: Good stuff.
The rest: no comments!!
Fresh scone... with strawberry jam and whipped cream.
It's a long afternoon.
Our food can't last that LONG.....that that.. I asked for a refill of scones.

My friend told me to SPEAK da truth in my blog.
My friend told me to EXPRESS my deepest OPINION about the place....

And, honest speaking, I HATE the …