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Today's ODB

Some indeed preach Christ even from envy and strife, and some also from goodwill. —Philippians 1:15

Throughout my christian walk, I met different type of christians. Whether they are good christians or not, it's not up to me to judge but ONE thing for sure, they are only Human, and they are not PERFECT. The PERFECT one is only Jesus, the son of GOD.

What struck me most is, does that matter how a person preach the Gospel?
We may perceive that the person may do it out of their personal gain and ended up scaring some non-believers away. But, should we judge them? Shouldn't we leave it to God to judge because it's God that knows the best for everything.

The most important thing is - The gospel has being PREACHED.

What we see that is RIGHT in our human eyes may not be that RIGHT and what we see that is WRONG may not be WRONG.

Of Dreams ... and Visions..

The dream stayed in my memories even while I was at work. It was a restaurant where there is a pool of water which is 1 foot deep. There were plentiful of boats that are operated on a rail. It felt like the gondolas in Genting, except that there is food served from the main bar giving a perfect romantic getaways for couples, friends and families. Would I be able to see this in real life?

Kung Fu Panda

I would say this panda is way too bouncy and his dad never explained how he picked KFP to be his son.
Born a noodle boy, of his dreams and visions, he finally become the Dragon Warrior.
My favourite scene: After the fight with Tai Lung, Shifu had peace and Po followed Shifu lying down relaxing. What an awesome scene. Moral of the story: There is no secret

Conquering Laksamana Hill

It would considered the toughest and longest jungle trail in Penang.
I made it!
1hr40mins hike up.
2 hrs hike down.

I was drenched wet for 3 hours under the thunderstorm. (without coverage)
It was not easy trailing down with the stream of water splashing on my feet.
My poor Reebok.
It's gone.

I brought nothing to the hike and now I know the essential
1) Extra change in the car
2) plastic bag to cover the stuff in the bag
3) poncho
4) whistle if we are trailing alone at some point
5) Chocolate bars or eggs to stay ALIVE
6) Water (i had rainwater)
7) STAMINA -> The greatest thing we should prepare!

Celebrating Georgetown Penang as Heritage Town

I thought it would be an interesting week with lots of activities queuing up the whole weekend.
I didn't participated any of the weekends until on Sunday, I thought of dropping by UPR.

There, I heard the speech from our CM. His wife and children came along.

Things over there was pretty much the same as the monthly flea market, except that there were more crowd and more VIPs. The VIPs had their lunch catered by E&O hotel and it was way too crowded to have it in the middle. I felt that Beach Blanket Babylon should submit a proposal to allow them to have a more cosy lunch at their restaurant instead.Sadly, there wasn't a stage anymore (as it used to be) that made the event very casual and the sound system was REALLY BAD.Bonus pic (oops.. don't kill me for uploading your pic, ya)
Lenglui in action... :P
Yes.. because of this event... my car is not working!!!! hElp!!~!

Jail Restaurant in Penang - Obake-Ya

It's been in Penang quite a while that I didn't had the opportunity to visit this place at Leith St.
We were given a plastic cup with our chopsticks, spoon and serviette upon entering the restaurant.

My Jail Set - only Rm9.90
Since it was too plain, i ordered green tea that was way too diluted.
A bit regretted.. as it's a jinx place (maybe it's MY SIS!).My car's a/c konk after that. :(

Bella Italia, bellisa Row

Picture quality is really bad this round as this restaurant is WAY to romantic for my Olympus to snap some decent pics.

First course was Fried mushrooms.
Reminds me of cameron highland's mushrooms.
I don't like fried stuff though.

Beef Lasagna with Ricottacheese.
The lasagna sheets are too soft. I think i prefer my usual mozarella cheese. Ricotta cheese is too soft and milk-based for my likings. Since it's low fat, why not?
Chicken with mixed vege underneath
Half-eaten tiramisu.
I don't really feel the ladyfingers and the in-between coffee liquor but the cream was superb!
On my way back, I waited for some fireworks from Heritage Penang event.
This is what I get. Very small and short moment.
Great weather though!!!!!P/S: Thanks for the dinner!

Happy Feet Fish Spa Episode 2

The management of the Fish Spa gave me a free complimentary visit after reading my first experience. My 2nd experienced was indeed different since it's much more manageable without the crowd.
I noticed changes in the Fish Spa just within a month. 1. Revised prices - Rm22/20mins and Rm26/30mins. NOTE: Citibankers 10% DISCOUNT for the month of July. Birthday month also entitled for some special stuff (i think?) 2. Team building packages for 15pax and above 3. 6+2 Packages (just like facial packages) 4. The fishes grew exteremely FAT AND HUGE 5. Less crowd 6. Elimination of slippers 7. Customers are not required to wash their feet after the spa Anyway, it's still the cheapest Dr Fish around. I dropped by 75 Gurney and saw that it was Rm36/30 mins. For the sake of experience, I would recommend the one at New world Park for 30 mins.

Wonders of Photoshop

Original pic with pimples and puffy cheeks. I just realised that I've GAINED weight again. Got to start new gym routine again! And then, no more PIMPLES. and thinner face!

P/S: Thanks to jmts. :)

Milo Cup

My dirty cup on my desk.

Random Shots of Pavilion

I used to love KLCC. And now, it's Pavilion. Mega sale 2008.

Impressive pillars. Impressive STAIR CASE....... i wonder if they should even design spiral ones. It gave me the feeling of being in a TALL palace/castle. I felt as if I was at zoe-land or bubble-land (my fairytale-like place). Lim Kok Wing University was having Fashion Glitter that weekend.
Dorothy Perkins -> one of my favourite stores.

Found this at Parkson to sustain myself from being hydrated.
The water dispenser has a cover and comes with paper cups at the bottom.I don't even need to buy water in Pavilion! And... if i'm too tired I could even rest at the restroom/washroom.
This definitely don't look like a toilet setting!

How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

My blog is worth $564.54.
How much is your blog worth? Gee.. my blog is so CHEAP..

Why do People Hate Durians?

Well.. in my thoughts.. they hate it because:
1. They want to look 'high-class' that durians are of lower class people
2. They have strong, bad BO. They are afraid that the durian smell will be part of their BO
3. They have bad digestive system, that makes them FART and BURP durian smell
4. They don't flush their toilets -> that makes durian smell all over their toilet bowls
5. They dont want to dirty their hands while holding the durian
6. They are stingy. Durians are costly King Fruits.
They rather pluck free rambutans from other people's house.
7. They dont' know how to open the durian shell (even though the durian sellers would do it for us now)
8. They are aneroxic people, who thinks that eating some Durians will make them fat.

From writing this, I think I would end up offend most of the durian-haters.
Kudos to the durian-lovers.
Btw, I'm not a durian-lover. I'm a neutralist.

Niu Ze Xiu

When I first told my ex-housemate that I wanted to bunk with her at her bro's house at Ara Damansara, she told me she would bring me to ngau che sui.....
My mind went puzzled.
I could not understand her language and she further explained that it's a latest attraction at her area.

I came to know that it's situated right opposite Crimson (which I stayed 2 years ago in another ex-room mate place). Wow. The place has really developed.

Got to know from Seems like it has the open shopping concept like Singapore. One thing that I wish to go is the Big Apple Donut.

When Should We be Called "Aunty"

It is a nice Saturday afternoon. As I was walking towards the Young Enterprise booth organized for the secondary school students (each school are sponsored by big MNCs), I was being called 'Aunty' a couple of times by the students who are REALLY aggresive SALES people. They were obviously trying to sell their products and push their sale quotas and forgot to be sensitive towards the patron's feelings.

Come on. Do I look very OLD?
Yes, perhaps, I'm qualified to be your aunties. But still? :P

So, I continued walking, analysing which YEs has the sweetest mouth.
Some switched and called me sister, and others called me, "Miss".
Yes, I remembered, the boy is from Chung Ling High School.

And I continued shopping and bumped into a school friend of mine. She asked her niece to call me Auntie. I was like... no .... just call me "jie jie".
Perhaps, I should start asking people to call me auntie instead.

A taste of French cusine @ The View, Equatorial Penang

It's been a year since I've been The View.
I was F-A-T then. Extremely F-A-T.
I think I started reducing some excessively pounds after that..

More restaurants from:

We pre-ordered our food since it was a short lunch break.
Since I was assigned as the organizer for the lunch, I shook hands with the waiter as he greeted us at the door.
Then, we proceeded to our tables, and of course, he helped us with our chairs.
I slowly introduced each of their main courses to the PIC.
Tough job.
I even introduced them my managers ->> to ensure that they are given the best service.
So, in future, if we would like to invite VIPs for lunch, I would strongly recommend here, as they provided superb service for us, and very, very very extremely ATTENTIVE to all of us.

My first course was the sardine-like soup.
HE-he. I was commented that I'm like American, soup first?
I explained that it was too crowded over at the appetizers ar…

Yokohama Patisserie

One day, my colleague received a courier box from our Japan counterpart.
We opened up and saw very beautiful packaging.
I thought it should be chocolates and then, I saw the YOKOHAMA FRANCAIS PATISSERIE all over the wrappings.

I remembered seeing four flavours:
- Gianduja (praline)
- Caramel
- Chocolate
- Marzipan (i think)

It's coated with milk chocolate, i think.
When I took the first bite, there are layers of hard honey flakes with two layers of gianduja cream in between. It's truly a sensation.

After that, I felt 'tasteless' tounge due to the pastry's shortening.
Read from Grandma's remedy, consume some boiled some ginger and honey........ to recover our taste buds.

the one that wears promod

I was at Pavilion and discovered Promod.
I find that the clothes are pretty reasonable and nice.
(honestly, much better than padini)
In addition, there is less crowd and it's easier to try in the dressing room.

I came across this top and went searching online.
wow.. it's 9.95E.
I saw it at Rm24.90 (original Rm49.90).
I tried fitting in XS. .oops. .TOOO small.......... yes.. i was ambitious, hoping to fit int XS.
So, i dropped the idea of buying, since I couldn't fit into XS (too heartbroken)

then. i thought about it.
Why not try BROWSING again at pyramid.
My friend tried on this, and it didn't fit her well.
She ASKED me to buy..RM19.90 only!! (original was RM44.90)but i realised that it's TOO SHOWY that I may perhaps add on a tube inside.

Ichiban Boshi, Pavilion

It's another entry about food.
Seems like it's singapore based. Check out .
I wanted to snap a picture of how the cook make the buckwheat noodles, but obviously, there were just too many people blocking my view. Hey.. excuse me. uncles and aunties.. I wanna snap some decent pics ok!?

And, I see lots of sake.. and yummy2 sushi along the sushi belt..

My Ichiban soba (#1 Noodles) = Rm14.90
What a name for the menu. Buckwheat is GOOD because it's LOW GI.
In fact, i don't get the 'feeling' effect after consuming it.
And houjicha = chinese tea = japanese roasted tea = Rm1
Beware, I couldn't sleep after drinking TWO cups, resulting only 4+hrs of sleep on that night.