Saturday, June 20, 2009

My second round of Home's cafe

Purpose of my 2nd visit to Home's cafe was because there was still Rm5 promotion from the Oriental Menu.
I wanted to try their Nasi lemak and I loved their sambal (curry paste) so much that I asked for MORE!
To me, their white coffee was towards the expensive side as compared to the drinks served at the Bayan Baru Market.
Thus, I've always ordered plain water.
I tried the coffee from my friend's cup and I thought it was just so-so.
Tomyam was plain colored tomyam -> it can be improved! - not so recommended
Cheese bread, at least they have their generous spread of craft cheese/mozarella cheese.
Oh well, one of my other reason to re-visit Home's cafe was because they have young chics/boys working instead of foreign workers. :D


Simply Simply said...

Where's this Home's cafe?

meiyi said...

D'Piazza, bayan baru.
Near PISA/Sunway Tunas/Old HSBC building

Pei said...

ya..the nasilemak is nice..i like the curry chicken & also the sambal...:p