Tuesday, May 26, 2009

k770i Day Out: Canton-i, Queensbay Mall, Penang

Apparently, I'm not allowed to take picture of the place - according to the waitress. I double verified if there was 'a person' around, I'm allowed. WHY? I dont' know.

It's my first time dining at such expensive wan tan mee restaurant.
I was curious to find out about how 'good' it's supposed to be.
And I lost my wantan mee picture.

This should be Zha Jiang wan tan mee. RM12.80?

I still find costly.
Even Rm6 per plate is considered expensive in Penang. :P

Then followed by RM3 tau fufah and Rm6 peanut dessert.

I think the tau fufah was really soft, and the peanut dessert was thick and soft (but SWEET~!!)

* i found my wan tan mee (dry) picture *


VampireM said...

I don't think the wantan mee is worth that price. I prefer the ones from Wong Kok.

meiyi said...

I also think the same after trying it myself.