Saturday, August 29, 2009

What should you do when there is a LEAKAGE?

Being women, we sometimes may encounter some 'leakages' at some point of time in life.
It's been a long time since I have leakages and I think it's kind of unbearable.

It's been raining in Penang.
Most cars parked outside are wet, but it seems like the interior of the car was also wet.
It was lunch hour again.
Not knowingly, I sat at the back of the car seat thinking that it was just some rain water. To my surprise, the whole chair was drenched with muddy, filthy rainwater.

I inspected the car roof and it's been leaking!
(all because of Proton's fault !!!!!)

After some embarassing moment of walking out from the car, I slowly sneaked into one of the restaurants at i-avenue (near JPJ, beside a hair salon - I dont' remember the name! is it Eastern Wishes?).

I ordered Set A - RM8.90.
Some deep fried chicken food, which I liked it a lot (though it's fattening).
The Mixed vege seems to have been stir-fried or boiled in hot water.

My friend ordered tomyam bihun - Tasty!

The Tomyam very thick and ummph!

But the stain on my mickey skirt lagi ummph~~!
So what can i do again?

Thank GOD, my friend had similar skirt!
I took the idea to grab her skirt from her house, who happens to stay nearby.
So, the answer for today's question:
I went back to work.
I asked another colleague to "spot the difference".
Obviously She CAN'T!


Nitin said... those fried chicken.. ahh.. i ride a bike here. so much for leaks. if it rains i would generally ride thru it... but i avoid it as much as i can.

meiyi said...

lol.. if you ride, it's a different feeling, u get 'fresh shower' but in a car with roof leakage..... u'll get a STAIN!

Passionate Pei said... was quite bad though..sori to say dat it does looks like 'shit' stain..:(

nikki said...

Ah...maybe it was what that orange butterfly was about...hmm...By the way meiyi, so brave with the photo. NICELY DONE.*Thumbs up!!*

danz da man said...

The seat is still damp today. :(