Sunday, August 23, 2009

Penang Carnival 2009 - Geodesic Dome

It was a combined chinese churches effort to setup this carnival. I didn't know that it is a yearly event by the chinese congregration since it's never announced or informed by any of my church members. There were visitors from Hong Kong and speak mostly cantonese.
One thing I notice from this event was, they had the olds and youngs gathered under one roof to participate in this event.

I'm totally amazed on the enthusiasm in the chinese-speaking folks. They are all out into evangelism, or perhaps, AGGRESIVE? I saw groups walking along corridors of Prangin Mall and KOMTAR witnessing Christ to others.
But there is always a doubt in my head. Would they accept as they would 50 years ago?
Even a 81-year old (seated in the middle) joined the event.

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