Thursday, August 27, 2009

Plus Two at Sungai Dua

Since my colleague promoted so much about the wantan mee in Plus Two, finally I had a chance to try it. The shop is just along mcD/Baskin Robbins.

Small plate cost Rm2.70 and the price for drinks is very reasonable.
At first, they served us with a bowl of wantan soup.

The wantan mee is kinda sweet and i think the cook is way too generous with the sugar and the soy sauce (very sweet and thick sauce).
(I had to blur the background due to bad angle by a not-so-professional photographer)

Honey dew sago dessert which cost only RM1.90 and KOPI-O RM1.20
The dessert is not too bad though i find it very foamy.. and it's quite worth it for the amount of ingredients they added in.


Passionate Pei said...

yes,it's quite famous for their wan tan mee, i've been there a few years back..but can't remember how it taste like...;)

BlurryLeo said...

Hi Meiyi,

thanks for dropping by my blog :). anyway, for the honey sago, is that in liquid form or they made into jelly-like ?

meiyi said...

thick liquid foamy form and you can taste the pieces of the blended honeydew with sago :)

Simply Simply said...

So how's the wan tan mee? Nice?

meiyi said...

beh pai . mai hiam