Sunday, August 02, 2009

No more Soong Village !

When they first opened this place, my colleagues used to like this place (it's at sunway tunas) due to their huge servings of drinks.
I used to remember they would give quite reasonable portioning for the food, but it seems like, i felt as if I was ordering a Rm2.50 fried rice from a hawker stall. :(
The yong chow fried rice that I ordered cost about RM3.80, and I would expect bigger portioning.
Business is not as good as before.
I believe it must be their reduction in the portioning!
Drinks are still ok, but then again, it's a place I'd afraid to go - somewhat I felt that the food is not so clean :P


Pei said...

ya..i agree..the portion is smaller now..
however, i like the YinYang & the White Coffee there..;p

meiyi said...

kim gary also nice ma....

Simply Simply said...

I just went there last Friday. Seems like the restaurant changed name dy, right? forgot the new name

meiyi said...

don't know about the new name though :(
the last time it's still the same.
but maybe you are used to calling it "ju ren" (giant)