Sunday, August 02, 2009

Buffet Lunch at Northam Suite

I've seen the 20% promotion for all buffets (30% for senior citizens) at Coffee house, Northam Suite, Penang for quite some time.

Since it's an occassion for my family, thus, I got my family to join the buffet.

As I enter into the coffee house, I felt that they are short-handed of staff, and the variety for a japanese buffet is just not there. Worst still, there isn't much a crowd there. They were lucky to have a table with a big group ~20 people that would at least cover up their operating cost.

Unique part was - they had avocado, crabs, smoked salmon and chawan mushi.

Their octopus is not fresh.
Same goes to the jackfruit (I think it was preserved).

The cakes - I only liked their cheese cake but the rest of it was dry and not to my likings.

Worst part, I see the rice-bug on it's sushi. Using an octopus which is not fresh would not make a good sushi, worst still, there is not enough of vinegar taste.

Green tea ice cream - yum yum! - that was the thing that made my tummy REAL satisfied!
It's not exactly a place people would crave for, but if I run out of places to go... I think I might go due to its affordable price.


Simply Simply said...

How much was that?

meiyi said...

alamak. forgot. i think after 20% discount, it's about RM35/adult

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

I dine there once for the buffet lunch before but it's few years back. As you said, the price is affordable. ^-^

meiyi said...

yea. food paradise - next i want to try city bayview Rm9.90 promo. ;P