Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It was just a dream..

1. when a rapid bus was parked at my car porch (who drove it?)
2. when all get laid off in my company due to bankruptcy
3. when i started jumping down into the deep blue sea

I certainly dreamt too much last nite.


nikki said...

Here's what I dreamt:

1.celebrating by friends birthday with other friends a few friends at my grandparent's place (God knows why!)
3.a piano student who is bent on promoting the idea of depression and took a whole hall of people hostage, including the piano teacher herself
4.a man who got beaten up until he lost his foot, who then started a shoe shop with his pet monkey

Thats as much as I can remember. =P

meiyi said...

wow! all these happened last nite?
hey. when's your birthday la girl..
parties and parties!

Passionate Pei said...

u really dream a lot, gal..

nikki said...

Birthday is on 12th October. Loooooooonnnggg way. Haha. I didn't know you look forward to parties that much?...

Adventurer said...

aiya dun worry too much.... so no nightmare :)

meiyi said...

YS: I thought i worry-less. probably it's other that is affecting me.