Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kotex Girls Gathering~

It was Kotex.
It was really Kotex that our paths crossed again.
It was a coincidence where two groups of high school mates bumped into one another at a Kotex event.
It's been 10 years since we last seen one another.

Fun to pose for a group pic right at the stage for Kotex.
Are we really posing for Kotex?
Oh well.. the rest of Kotex people played along with us.

It's fun hanging out at QBM during weekends.
We were walking along ground floor and saw young, cute cheerleaders promoting for Kotex!
They went like K-O-T-E-X!
And, so..... we decided to buy Kotex since there were GAMES if we purchase RM18 and above.

ended up I stayed around the event area for almost 1 hour.

1. Played kotex stacking game and got free samples
2. Played throw magnets and draw for kotex sample or a bear or Digicam- i got the bear of course!
3. Played pick the green papers in the box
4. Joined the photograph competition
5. Got a free photo print by Kotex

Best part is Danell Lee will be performing on 8/16/2009.

Why am I advertising for Kotex?
Oh well, because they gave me free samples!~

Hope to See you guys soon at Whisper event ya?


yileen said...

I'm surprise there's such an open display of feminine products in Mlayaisa. I swear my brother wouldn't help me with the groceries the other day because one bag of it was full of Whispers (Sorry KOTEX, am a Whisper fan. LOL)

PS: this is yileen, I've moved my Dreamer site :D

Pei Sun said...

it was a good weekend for me,glad to meet them after so long..;p

meiyi said...

hey yileen! i went to sunway carnival 2 weeks back. was in the hurry thus didn't ask u for a meet up...
aduhai... i shld have taken pictures of men carrying kotexes la.
come on!!!
even the male MCs and event organizers were carrying the kotex-es k!?

tell your bro, if he plans to get married - plz accept the fact to do some sanitary pad shopping.

yileen said...

Just realised I couldn't spell the name of my country which is celebrating its 52nd Independence Day soon. Shame. Haha.

My bro will hear your comment from both of us soon enough. *grins*