Monday, August 03, 2009

The power of seduction

Very often, the media or books talk about how women with sexy figure seduces men. Men are always being tempted and seduced and cheated while the women seem to be the portraying the evil ONE.

At the same time, I think MEN also seduces women in the real world a different way.
Men seduces women with their five-figure fat paycheck, promising the woman a good future with them and of course, giving them 'temporary' securities - the fact that the man is just a plain womanizer who would never show respect to WOMEN.

Why most women fall?
Women seem to be the weaker one emotionally.
Men obviously took the advantage of that weakness.

So, how?

Ironically, I like men with $$, yet there are only bad, rich men in the world.


JACT said...

that's really mind provoking thought...!!!
so this comes in after which movie u watched?

meiyi said...

no movies in particular.
brain cells gone haywire after many days of fever.

but, it's true!

danz da man said...

not true lah! maybe from a certain viewpoint only nia.
you are just generalising.

meiyi said...

why not true? :(
it's true...

this is based on true life account.

Anonymous said...

It is a true story...