Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dave's Deli Roast Chicken

When Dave's Deli first started in One-Stop Midlands Park, it used to be a luxury for me to dine there.
Somewhat, after 10 years, there are just too many other popular franchises that came by, that Dave's Deli QBM had to do 30% promotion from Mon-Thu.
Not bad for a plate of roast chicken that cost about RM10. Much worth it than KFC Flava Chicken, I supposed.


Simply Simply said...

yayaya...same to me, i purposely went to One-Stop (all the way from Kedah) for this Dave's Deli

Christina said...

Agree, it was considered a luxury during our secondary school days

Pei Sun said...

i wonder whether it still have this promo..;p

meiyi said...

peisun: promo still there. :)