Thursday, August 27, 2009

Photoshop Tutorial - Photoshop Slave

If you are into photography and would like to explore more on the techniques and methods, you could visit Photoshop Tutorial. The site just started April 2009 (yes, it is this year!). Their tagline is "Master Photoshop, Don't be a slave for Photoshop".

There are only a few categories grouped, namely Photography, Photography Magazine, Photoshop tutorial, and Photoshop video tutorial.

At least, I could take a peep at the magazine instead of getting the hardcopy myself.

Basically, this site allows us to explore our photography techniques as well as on our Photoshop skills. It’s a new site, but it’s good to bookmark it into your favorites when you are looking for ideas.

Mostly, their tutorials are Photoshop Video Tutorials. Thus, I guess, it’d be easier than following the instructions as compared to thick dummies manual guide.

Want to know how to make a ‘bokeh’ effect if you didn’t manage to adjust your camera settings? Try reading on this, hope it would interest some of you.

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