Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Kotex Story - Part 2

It's the continuation of Kotex girls gathering.

1. Competition building the highest Kotex Tower.

2. Get the green papers

3. Photo competition


yileen said...

Look at you in that angel outfit! Makes me wanna go over and give you a mega hug! Lolx

I use to have pink angel wings but gave them away to my party friends to use as theme props. Aih. Regret. Or else could fly to heaven too.

meiyi said...

don hug too hard.
later the wings pecah!

nvm.. when's ur birthday?
i'll try to get you one :P
but make sure u put them on!

yileen said...

My birthday's in October...long time to go..haha!

Passionate Pei said...

You look really sweet, like an angel...;)