Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How much was the Damage?

My sis' car got kissed by a Honda city.
She freaked out and of course, I wasn't, mainly because it was not my car.

1. Broken car plate
2. Exhaust pipe loosen

Cost: Only RM75

Did the guy pay up???? I dont know~!!!
My sis did not follow up with him........... >_<
Why can't a finance manager just pay RM100 upfront?


FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Hope your sis are ok.

VampireM said...

these few days i've noticed a lot of bad blue Honda City drivers...
driving fast, and weaving in and out of lanes... geram

meiyi said...

food paradise: actually the accident happened b4 we went for gelatissimo.
VampireM: yes, it was a blue honda city!!!!!!!!

ww said...

what happened to the langtzai Mr.Nice Guy?!!!

not so nice after all?!!

meiyi said...

ww: i have no idea laaaaaaa
if u know him, ask him to pay up.