Thursday, August 20, 2009

Penang 4th Food Bloggers Gathering

It was my first time going for a blogger's gathering.
It was also my first visit to Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant and Bar, Tg bungah (right beside Ingolf's)
(hmm.. it was a bar? I didn't had any chances to order wine/beer)

Signage - I only understood 50% of it.

I thought I was late for the gathering.
Ended up, there were more late comers.
As I walked up to the 3rd floor, the fellow organizer actually announced my "blog name".

Since I didn't know many of the bloggers, I shiok sendiri took pictures with an old lousy P&S camera.
Waited till 8pm-ish and finally, I had my seafood soup (right).
The mushroom soup (left) tasted almost similar with the one at Mizi.

Food display was on the display table. Many food bloggers flocked the area and took many shots of the food. Although I'm not into food-pictures, I just followed suit.

Since I dont' remember the name of the dishes, I'll just call them what I see it looked like:
Minced Chicken

Pork Ribs - i think I like this the most because I could feel the honey all over~~
But the again, I kinda like the chinese version of pork ribs better.

Cod fish - hm.. fresh white meat! - the less fattening one.

Supposedly the best dish among the set dinner - Pork Knuckle.
But looking at the gigantic size of the knuckle, I kinda felt disgusted.
I couldn't imagine myself eating PIGs.

Somewhat, I didn't really like bulgarian food.

And where is the picture of my bulgarian platter?

I didnt' like processed meat :(

It was kinda 'too much ingredients' in it that I felt funny in my mouth.

The other guy was funnier.. He asked for ketchup (is he trying to hint the cook that the platter sux?)

I tried understanding it from wikipedia, and the food seem to be totally different from what I read from the website.

Best part was the complimentary cakes from Dennie Yeap - Winter Butterfly Homemade cakes

1. Oreo cheese cake - I love the most
2. Cream cheese mousse cake
3. Chocolate brownies = it would be fantastic if it's microwaved with vanilla ice cream!
So, what's next?
They even had Hong from Gelatissimo and he brought some of his gelatos to share.

Among all that I tried, I love the green tea and Mango the most.
Chocolate, Rum and raisin and blackforest? (i think?) were just so-so.
I actually hoarded around the table and surprisingly, there weren't many gelato lovers (or probably they were just more civilized (unlike me).
I felt extremely full and I couldn't finish the chocolate creme brulee.
Not even to take a sip of the coffee - their coffee tasted weird. The creamer didnt' melt.

Drink lots of water!
Somewhat my body was acting up for 2 days after the meal.
Probably I over-stuff myself with food


FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

It nice to see you and your friends. ^-^ And hope you enjoy the night.

meiyi said...

nice to know u in real person too, mary!

ck lam said...

Great to finally getting to meet you. Hope to catch up again soon :)

classyadele said...

I think this hairstyle suits u best, love ;)

meiyi said...

cklam: yups definitely!
adele: okok. i'll try to maintain this length :D

allie said...

Hi, nice meeting you! I've yet working on my post ler :(
I enjoyed the dessert most that night!

meiyi said...

hey allie, i do feel bad for indulging the desserts instead of the maincourse. :(
take your time - coz i know u gonna edit your pics first. unlike me.. no edits.

Pei said...

hey hey hey, i almost finished the pork knuckle u know...hehe ;p