Friday, August 28, 2009

Give me some SLEEP!

It was already 1.30am this morning and I was pretty disturbed with this insect-like moth/butterfly flying in my room.

I tried to chase it out of the room but all my efforts were in vain. Based on my observation:
1. They are deaf - i shouted but no respond
2. They dont move if you scare them - only if i hit them
3. They like to stay on the wall/lights
4. They come by during rainy seasons

That explains the sleepy me today.


Aik-Shuen said...

I hate moth/butterfly things too. My bro ran into a big one that he thought was a bird in the beginning. The thing just wouldn't leave even after being prodded. All it did was give a "cheep cheep" sound whenever its wing was prodded.

nikki said...

This is so scary...I just read a post with almost the same thing

meiyi said...

so what omen who it be for my case?

nikki said...

Absolutely no idea...there is still 7 minutes left till tomorrow on my side...