Sunday, December 16, 2007

Usefulness of Right Hand

Since I hurt myself.. I find that i'm rather handicapped without my right hand:

1. Can't work/type on the laptop
2. Cant drive - it hurts when i bend my fingers or try to grip something
3. Can't hold chopsticks
4. Can't bathe properly - I depended a lot on the shower (Thank God for showers)
5. Can't shake hand - I had problem during my usher duty last SUNDAY. Some people may think that I have a problem not wanting to shake their hands. BUt, the fact that if they shake too hard, I'm afraid, they will break the stitches
6. CAN'T GO FOR STARWALK - scared la. .later ppl push me and fall down.. then Nightmare in Elm Street already


Dragon said...

no 6 so funny...... i laugh and laugh.... u better take good care ya...

mei yi said...

i was nearly been pushed in open house

Dragon said...

haiyo... u seem so bad luck.... take more cautions..... high alert!