Sunday, December 09, 2007

Free 10 4R prints at Harvey Norman.

The promo is from 1st -8th dec.
Tomorrow is the last day, and I doubt I can make it there.


Dragon said...

the promo until 8th, u said tmr is last day but your post is posted on 9th wor..... then tmr for 9th is 10th liao mar.... how come the promo is still on leh? and u still need to doubt whether u can make it or not?

mei yi said...

aiyoh.. it's 8th.. typo then. :P
keksim lo

Karen said...

hahahaha... dragon very detail lor. Proves he really read your post properly .. hehe

mei yi said...

it's until Sunday lor.
My bad.

I told my friend to develop 10 prints.