Saturday, December 08, 2007

Upper Penang Road

Parking is always very hard in night places.
Most illegal PA (parking attendants) take the opportunity to get extra income out of it.
These days, parking in Penang cost about RM5.

However, we had a brilliant idea to park at City Bayview Hotel since it cost Rm3.
Oh well. It's Rm5 if your ticket is not chopped.
(so, be smart to get the ticket chopped!)

E&O Hotel can be so beautiful while you are looking from the City Bayview Hotel.
New pub, Mois, No. 1 Penang Road.
The old SS, and it's still operating, despite the # of crowed has decreased so much.

Beach Blanket Babylon.
It's nice!
The interior of Sega Fredo 1st floor.

ANd us. .:D

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