Sunday, December 16, 2007

Being A Pure Glutton

I was at the Penang Christmas Open House.
Since it was raining heavily, I stood beside the buffet line.

I saw some people tahpau-ing in the ice cream container.
I see some aunties getting the left over cakes and tahpau-ed in their plastic bags.
I see some uncles eating in gluttony.
I see some teenagers eating in gluttony.

I only had one plate from the MAKSAK caterers. A good portioning for myself.
I had enough.

Why didn't the public had enough?
Did they starved themselves before they come here for free food?
Many came just for the free food.
Why would they eat more than what they have?
Don't they sound like those people during Moses time asking for manna and quail?
Shouldn't they eat what is enough for them for the day?
Why did they store and keep?

Same for buffets.
Yes, we paid for it.
But that doesn't mean we should eat more than what our body can contain.
Are we destroying our own body system?
I don't think buffets are meant to be that way.

Not many people actually watched the presentation since the rain was heavy.
Why did God allow the rain?
Would it defeat the purpose/efforts if the public is not able to get the message?

There isn't anyone distributing flyers by the time I went.
It wasn't that late, probably 8pm+.
There are just too many questions running around my head that I do not have any answers.

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