Monday, December 03, 2007

Mothers mothers..

I'm seeing more and more friends getting married and having babies.
I'm like an aunty.

Everytime, i would hear them talking about their confinement and methods to take care of their babies.

Seems like this is quite a good site for information.
Different ppl have different supertitions and ways...

Very interesting ...

Can I breastfeed if my nipple is short or inverted?
Evert-ItThere is this invention called “Evert-It” which deals with this problem. I bought it from the Internet due to recommendations in a breastfeeding book that I read. The verdict - yes, it helped in the beginning, but once your baby learns the correct latch-on, you won’t need it anymore. I also found that if you use a breast pump, you can achieve the same result. I use Avent Isis. - Nor Azleena

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