Monday, December 03, 2007

Bee Movie

Since it was my birthday month and needed to use up the voucher by 30 Nov, I had to go for Bee Movie in Queensbay mall though I prefered Stardust (only screening in Gurney).
It's not that good.
The jokes weren't good.
The facts werent' clear.
The ideas weren't GREAT.

And it reflected that bees are STUPID, and humans too!
What ler? Why fight for Bee Rights?
Why humans can't spread the pollens that all the flowers died?

It's just too stupid and I couldn't actually accept that.

Same like Ratatouille. It's really GROSS seeing RATS cooking my meals.
Both movies are giving children the wrong ideas about theses animals.
Rats are filthy.
Bees are dangerous when they are about to sting u..


Dragon said...

i like Ratatouille. not yet watch bee.

mei yi said...

if u like rat, u shld like bee as well.. (i think)