Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas @ Queensbay

Queensbay Mall has many christmas trees all over the mall (and also high school musical).
Sadly, they didn't set up a huge xmas tree at the main atrium like last year..

Posing with the tree behind us.

Nice glittering spirals at the main atrium.
Pose lagi with the spiral at the background.
And ho-ho-ho Merry christmas!!!
Today is a VERY VERY VERY unlucky day for me.
1. CIMB deposit machine is not working
2. I did not manage to get any nice clothes
3. The pipe burst causing the whole shopping mall with NO WATER! = DIRTY TOILETS!!

I truly hate the toilets in Queensbay mall.
4. Eating outlets may not have water supply as well = i had walnut bread from La Boheme only .:(
5. Vico 400gm costs only RM5.40 but the cashier scanned as RM6.90. Luckily I rectified the matter well. Hm.. Vico? Not Milo? oh yes.. I'm trying to change my tounge's liking..

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