Saturday, December 15, 2007

Starwalk 2007

I registered much earlier, but I guess, I will skip this round since I have yet to remove the stitches.
I wouldn't want someone else to bang me.
Looking at the crowd, I think it's hard to avoid any mishaps to happen.
I've been careless these days.

I may fall and break my leg.

Better be safe.


Dragon said...

good, listen to me finally.

mei yi said...

my brother enjoyed himself so much and got to go to health fair
i damn kek sim..
no chance 2 go.. i very sad u know.. :(((((
emotionally unstable d

Karen said...

hahaha.. like that also want kek sim. I wish i can sleep til late, no need wake up 5am.

Nothing much to do also lah. Wasting time lepaking. Should have gone for church service. Anyway, enjoyed the time.. hehe.