Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Christmas on Friday's.. or My birthday?

It's Christmas.. and let's have the 3-course meal in Friday's.
I tried doing that blur effect in Picasa.... and not sure if this look horrible or what.

Martini Shrimp, Mac N CheeseBites and Mushroom Soup.
Martini Shrimp - A little spicy
Mac N Chees Bites - Not too bad if you like macaroni
Mushroom soup - best mushroom soup in the WORLD!!

My Favourite MudPie ...
My blurry effect again..

(oopsie. . I didn't take pics of the main course.... but i have tonnes of those pics with other ppl's faces with their food. lolz)

what are these people doing??

Celebrating whose birthday?

I don't know la..
It's not my birthday.
Why didn't they sing Rasa Sayang?

My speech - Increment and good focal review for me (targetting my boss!!)

I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Dragon said...

the first photo looks horrible, like ghost photo ane kuan.....

mei yi said...

aiyer. blur effect maaahhh!!

IsabellaCastile said...

hey u lost a lot weight u know....look very slim

Simply Simply said...

Happy Belated Birthday :D

mei yi said...

saper isabella?