Thursday, December 13, 2007

Domestic Hazards

Never would I thought that washing a bowl would seriously injure myself..
How would that happen?

Reaally hard to imagine.
Would my boss thought that I deliberately hurt myself to get more MC?

It was my first time seeing my own white bones.

It was a REAAALLLLL Shocking experience.
It was also my first time having stitches.

Would this painful experience leave me a bad physical and emotion scar?

Process to fix an open wound
1. Wash the wound with antiseptic
2. Inject both sides of the skin with anestetic
3. Take out the fishing hook liked needle.
4. Sew once. Cut the string away.
5. Repeat step 5 till the wound is covered.
6. Clean the oozing blood from the wound
7. Put flannel on the dressing and apply


Karen said...

You hor... hand pain some more want to write blog .. haha. =P

Aiya.. u should take the photo with you face lah... then mah si got prove it's you lor. Then, your boss can not say it's not you mah.. hehe..

mei yi said...

put a sad face with hand kah?

Karen said...

hahaha... can also.

Oracle loves Linux said...

pls take care

Dragon said...

OMG!!!!! looks soooooooooooooo painful........

crazyyakuzaishi said...

wahliao...WHAT BOWL you wash lah..

mei yi said...

bowl biasa oni. .:( sniff2