Monday, December 24, 2007

I don't like Breeks, Queensbay

It's Christmas Eve and my workmates (including bosses) decided to have a nice sumptious lunch at queensbay.
We chose Breeks.
Overall, the food in Breeks is not too bad.
However, the service and quality of food really getting BAD!.

Rating (1 bad - 10 good) : I'd give 3... teruk la!!

1. The chicken pattie had so little spagetti (it's just not standard)
2. The Xmas set lunch did not come with the soup. I highlighted to them after the desert and they insisted that it's a set that they needed to serve us that as well. THE "snobbish' manager decided to just give a 10% discount on the xmas set lunch since it was late and I dont' want the soup anymore. How could that be?

Btw, Xmas set was RM32.90. NOT cheap! I think Friday's 3 course meal is WAYY better!

Is this what we call "customer service?"
Shouldn't they compensate us back with something?
WHY am I paying for the mistakes they made?
Shame on them!
Even McDonalds could do better (yes, I always loved McD even though the burgers have low nutrition value)
3. Service is rather slow.. (very, poor.. . really no standard)
4. The ice blended crushed ice is terrible. I think the blender is not functioning well. For our sake, COME ON..... INVEST a new one!
5. Ice cream is cheapo ice cream. I think Nestle taste better.
I love nestle. I wish to work there some day.


So far, I've banned the places in Queensbay:
1. Pastasia - they didn't deduct 10% for citibankers
2. Paddington House of Pancakes - they mixed up our orders
3. Breeks - they forgot our soup!!!!!!!

DUHHHH!! Penang's service line sucks!
so sia-soi!!


Dragon said...

3 also never tried before. hahaha.

mei yi said...

no nit to try since i ban d

Karen said...

Tried Breeks during CNY. Food so so. I think i eat spaghetti bolognaise. Yeah.. the ice blended very teruk.. not smooth.. eat also 'kok kok' sound.