Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas is all about GIVING

We learn to bless people through giving gifts to people. Last sunday, pastor repeated the fact that God sent his ONE and ONLY son to DIE for us to CLEANSE our sins, so that we would be able to reconcile back with GOD.

Many times, many of us think that we are unworthy to receive God's love, but it's not true at all. God loves us despite of anything (whether we are fat/short/thin/tall/naughty/nice).

An illustration was used.
Pastor showed a new RM50 note to the congregation.
Then he squashed it, crumpled it, stepped on it, threw it.
And, he picked up the RM50 and asked if we would still want the RM50 note?
(congregation hands were raised up indicating that they would want to have the RM50 note)

The RM50 value did not change despite of the changes it has gone through.
Same goes to our lives, even if we have sinned before God, God still wants us and loves us for who we are.
Many many times, we try hard to avoid sinning, but, SIN came that we can't avoid.
We can only lean to GOD and trust Him and ask him to guide us to be nearer to Him.

Many people who does not believe God yet, could never comprehend this simple fact that..
GOD loves us for WHO we are..

Many thinks that religion is just about learning moral.
But.... this isnot the case... as..
It's all about JESUS... our saviour..

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