Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lone Pine, Penang

It was a working day but since it has been a long time since she came by to Penang, I visited her and took a lot of sampat pictures.

Yeah. I'm not growing up.
As long as I still act this way.

Since it's still xmas season, the room rates are pretty HIGH along batu ferringhi.
It's about Rm200-Rm300 range for the cheapest range.
The reception looks something like this.

As we exit out the room, it has a little garden which is rather 'unique' in its way.
The room, biasa only la.
The 'old' and 'antique' settings.

I try to look professional photography, but I guess I fail terribly.
At the entrance, it has very pretty doors with a light bulb in the middle.

Our signature pose... "Nose digging"

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