Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sale at Padini concept Store

Just last weekend, I managed to get a P&Co white skirt for 70% at Gurney plaza, Penang.
Today, I was trying my luck in QBM but sadly I couldn't find somehting i really want (which is CHEAP)

Jeans that I'm wearing is only RM30 (after 70% discount)
Tank Top that Soo Ling is wearing is only RM12 (after 70% discount)

This is only RM15 (after 70%).
I thought I'd like this, but i realised that I'd look pregnant wearing it.
Gee.......... I must work on my abs.

I must go for BELLY DANCING (one fine day).

There were a lot more items (12 altogether) but we returned all to the sales girl.
Lolz...... but the weird thing is, there isn't any sale for the shoes??!?

I had to use my HSBC card to get the 10% OFF since I don't have PADINI member card.


Karen said...

Why didn't ajak me go shopping one?

mei yi said...

u want to go with me meh?