Saturday, December 08, 2007

My Wantan Mee Story

It was after a meetup in UPR that I had a sudden craving for supper.
I have never had supper for a very long time in my life (as I'm afraid getting fatter).
Since my blood test results are very promising, we decided to stop by at Terenganu Road famous Wantan mee.

I was shocked when this little plate costs me RM2.50.
It was like 3 servings in my mouth and there... the plate was emptied.
It wasn't exactly that 'wonderful' or 'superb' and it was just a normal plate of mee.
I prefered the 'smooth and shiny' outlook feel rather than this fat rough mee actually.

A cuppa Hot Horlicks-O costs RM1.40?
I wonder how much would Milo is now.??? Since the new revised price is RM28.80 per pack??
That's soooo crazy....

Anyway, it's ok-lah.
There is not much commitments yet for me except my study loan :P


Dragon said...

my goodness!!! horlick so expensive!!! wantan mee still ok la... 2.50....

mei yi said...

wantan mee is the baby plate.
not the big plate le