Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time Management

[Martha] had a sister called Mary, who also sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His word. —Luke 10:39

I attended a training at work, and one of the topics covered was "Developing a Time Investment Strategy".
Very often, we are more or less preoccupied ourselves with the 'less-important' things in life that we forgot to focus on the BIGGER things - things that are IMPORTANT.
We lose focus easily.
We forgot what is our PRIORITY in life.

From Luke 10:38-42, Mary knew what was important.
All the preparations for Jesus were just secondary stuff. What was more important was spending quality time with him, sitting on His feet.

As I watch Sex and the city last night, I see the connection of today's world and Martha.

Being a new-yorker, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) was too busy preparing for a wedding which the groom was not even prepared for. Thus, that explains that RUNAWAY groom.
In real life, when we are so occupied with the minor things, we often to FORGET the most CORE/BASIC thing that we need.
Carrie forgot the reason they were together. It was LOVE that brought them together.
But the wedding preparation was all about HER, HER, HER and HER.

And all came to a happy ending that they had the most comfortable wedding party - where all her good mates sat on a long table with her, merely having a good meal and fun together (no more ELABORATED weddings at a library with designer dress)

Aw.... that's the sweetest thing.


dannielo said...

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Anonymous said...

That's the problem...people spend days preparing for their wedding DAY but forgot to put in effort for their marriage, which explains the high divorce rate nowadays :( It's all about I, Me and Myself...

vanity fling said...

Shouldnt that how the world work? Everything should be me, myself and my pet dog. Why must it be the other fella sitting across the table with a sweet smile carved on his/her face aiming at me? Hello ah ma, u think love is permanent one izzit? U think Love is Sky Long Earth Nine one ar? Puh-leese lar...those era died long time ago when God created mankind k. Even T-rex are more relationship-oriented than mankind k. I jst dont understand why lar God, why Noah need to build an ark. Just flood the darn planet lar. Then everyone can evolve and be a penguin d ma. See how cute they are? Ang gu gu...