Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Maxim's Gelato

Maxim's Gelato Ice cream has been around in Penang for quite a while but it's my first time trying it. My friend claimed that it's not too bad though.
I had Tiramisu and something with chocolate.
Two scoops for RM8.20 or so.

Honest speaking, I think I'd still prefer Baskins or Haagenz. :)
The feel of Maxim's just too soft and not-rich and not-much-ingredient.
Yes, the outlook of it actually tempted me, but as soon as the gelato melted in my mouth, it was like dissapointing... i expected more!


al said...

huhu....lau nua liau

hav2 wait for 31st go baskin....hehe

meiyi said...

let's go together la!

al said...

okok....u belanja....*wink

Anonymous said...

Not nice wan.. even Lecka2's is so much better than Maxim's. Looked creamy, but taste flat.

Julie said...

hey, gelato is supposed to be very soft 1 lar.

Shirokishi said...

Gelato is made from water base instead of milk base. So it's less fattening :)