Saturday, October 11, 2008

Olympus xD card Error - Picture Error - Format

I was more than shocked that when I turned on my olympus, it had "Picture Error" displayed on it.
I knew I couldn't do anything anymore.
Thus, I borrowed my friend's camera to snap whatever pics I wanted.
I went home.
I logged on.
I did a google search.
I found this URL Link:
I downloaded Artplus photorec.exe.
I recovered my pictures!!!!
And I formatted the xD card and now, I can happily continue using it.


yileen said...

Hmm..Useful freeware! Thanks for that! Haha. Oh by the way, I've got a blog award for you on my site. Drop by soon! :)

meiyi said...

wow.. i'm surprised.
Thank you so much.

Shirokishi said...

Great stuff.. I use an Olympus as well, will keep this in mind :)

KNNBCCB said...

there's one software also free, PC Inspector File Recovery / smart recovery. useful oso... also xD card tend to hv picture error often in olympus machine... so far I when i encounter those, I just remove and reinsert. if else fail, i js recover it. when encounter errors, never format it.

KNNBCCB said...

this is coming from a guy who work in company that also sells olympus camera... hahahaha Go Samsung!

meiyi said...

hmm.. let me try the next time i encounter that error