Thursday, October 09, 2008

Chicken Chef, PISA

I came across this website, and even in some food promotion blog, but have not tried it.

Since it was listed as Rm9.90 Executive semi-buffet, we deciced to give it a try.
I called up.
They said that they no longer have that promotion since Mar/Apr this year.!!
And I asked why the heck they still put it up on their website to cause more confusion!???

He replied to me that they had some problem with their webmaster.
If this is the case, i think they might as well terminate their contract and host their own domain.

Anyway, since the Chicken Chef, PISA was written so well in the website, my colleagues and I decided to give it a shot.
It is situated at the Aquatic Centre; it's a building next to it.

The moment we find the place, we parked our car.
The moment we walked into the place, there is some weird 'woody' smell.
And there was no customers!?
Only one pathetic lady sitting down waiting for her 'tah-pau' food.

Nevermind then, we sat and ordered our food.
We turned our Fish and Chips into Grilled Fish and Chips.

Firstly, my drink came.
I ordered Iced white coffee.
I expected some-what similar with Old Town Kopitiam or Hongkie Kopitiam or any kopitiam by the roadside.

I was shocked. I saw this tiny glass which is hot filled with 1/4 of ice.
The ice soon melted and the drink was still hot.
I politely asked for more ice and he added on to my mini glass.
Now that the coffee tasted a little diluted.

Then came my soup.
First impression looked like a thick bowl of mushroom soup.

I felt starch.
I felt some sourish taste (i'm afraid it's overnite stuff).
I took a few sips and decided not to continue.

Then the fish + chips.

The chips are definitely too 'wet' when they fry it. I could feel the 'wetness' on their overfried chips.
Fish tasted like turmeric and the sauce also felt like frozen sauce.
Even the capsicum's color turned dark.

I was lucky that i didn't use their ketchup/chilli sauce.
(i'm quite particular, i prefer maggi or kimball or heinz)

According to my colleague, the ketchup already tasted super weird.
Anyhow, i finished the two slices tiny fishes (else I'd be hungry)

And desert came with four slices of oranges.
And there goes my Rm9.90 for this set lunch.

When we were about to leave, we see another group of working people.
Hmm... i wonder what they like about this place.

The staff there is friendly.
One of them (maybe it's the boss) asked us how much we should charge for a sample plate of nasi lemak. We said, follow Old town rate . :)


vanity fling said... s people like u that keep people like us from visiting those doomed graveyard coffee shop or restaurant... Keep it up...!

meiyi said...

i feel so bad...
but i think they have to learn from customer's feedback and IMPROVE on their food.

Shirokishi said...

That's true... the pictures look a bit "different" for a western food place. Now I'm feeling queasy :P

meiyi said...

tat ah.. my phone prob :(

AL said...

hey....i went for the semi buffet lunch b4. it was nice and quite worth the mushroom soup the most! but somehow....after the drop their quality also gone i guess....
hahaha but ur rm9.90 certainly not worth it this time

meiyi said...

al... YOU ARE???
do i know you?

al said...

haiyo....u ask me to come in here and u dunno me??

weii....wan2 comment ur old post here....couldn't believe u post Big's photo i ur blog ahahhahahaha...should've tell me earlier ma i hav good comment bout him oso least i hav no regrets i took photo with him...ahaks

MISS him la....huhu

meiyi said...

:O:O now i think i shld drop the post.
make me malu aje.
aiyoh... no nit to take pic la.
u think wut... celebrity meh? :P

u like masi comment lor..

and u put "AL" initial, i have to crack my head to know who this AL is la.. anyway.. sleep laio.
else tomoro canot wake up for work!