Friday, October 03, 2008

Holland Fries

It felt like McD's Shaker's fries, except that they had more flavours, with sauce or with powder.
I had the one with mustard and honey.

It's a franchise.
They weighed the fries before frying them.
I felt that it's a little soggy and it's not as good as I thought it was. The sauce was not too bad though.

I might as well get it in McD. :)

However, seems like it's not very popular in Penang.


yileen said...

Hm..looks a bit like raw potato. Just realised you have a lot of "eating" pose. Hahaa..

mei yi said...

looks like raw?
maybe it's because it's FAT?

sigh, been binging..
till i burned the side of my mouth with a bun!

Shirokishi said...

Hmm wonder if the fries are from Holland, or if it's just a name?

Cheese-dipped fries...mmmmmm :D

vanity fling said...

It's jst a silly name with some silly sauce...and for RM4.90, i rather go gorge myself on cempedak goreng....

mei yi said...

u r right. or pisang goreng taste anytime better than this ubi goreng.