Monday, October 13, 2008

Money No Enough 2

My colleague mentioned that Lai Meng acted very well in this singaporean show "Money No Enough II". Indeed her acting skills were so good that I could emphatize her being such an honorable mother who is willing to sacrifice anything for her children.

Anyway, the focus of this show is more about Singaporeans trying to survive in their day-to-day lives. I thought it's a really good show like Follow the Law. However, I find this show rather disturbing. I really can't put myself being in their situations. Honest speaking, I just can't. And, I did not cry watching the movie because I find it really sick. I only remembered the scene that I laughed so loud was when Mother kept asking his first son , "chiak par liao beh" (have you eaten?) repeatedly.

Same goes to Ahlong Ptd Ltd.
I can't seem to accept it!!
The violence is just too much for my soul.

OK. Now, I think I approve "I Not Stupid" and "Follow the Law".
Not the rest of the movies.


al said...

weii.....ok la Money Not Enuf 3 parts i cried cinema sumore...hahaha maluuuu. but of coz not as good as Follow the Law the BEST show ever!!

meiyi said...

May i know which part you cried? dont know la. i felt tat this show very disgusting, especially with this drunkard Jack Neo, spitting his vomit on his pretty wife's face.

crazyyakuzaishi said...

money not enough 2 is a reminder about children and parents who have gone senile... it's not easy taking care of senile parents... but that doesn't mean we don't take care of them la..

meiyi said...

perhaps la.
good one.
now i keep laughing about the 'lu chiak par boey' joke